Arkansas’s Top 10 Influential Real Estate Lawyers of 2023 Revealed

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The state of Arkansas is fortunate to have a wealth of experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated real estate attorneys. The diverse array of real estate markets in Arkansas, ranging from commercial properties to agricultural lands, provides these top-flight lawyers with challenging and complex cases to manage, further elevating their prowess in the industry. Today, we will highlight some of the brightest legal minds in Arkansas’s intricate real estate landscape.

Each attorney not only provides counsel on transactional and contractual matters but also proves invaluable to clients seeking to navigate zoning laws, financing, and developmental projects. The following list of Arkansas real estate lawyers is renowned for their mastery of the law, their commitment to clients, and their ability to deliver results in an often-unpredictable real estate market.

Without further ado, let’s introduce these exceptional real estate lawyers who are dominating the field in Arkansas:

John William Spivey III

Bill Spivey, an ace attorney at Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP, is well-regarded for his vast knowledge in municipal bonds, corporate finance, and transactional matters. His commercial real estate and zoning law expertise further enhance his vigorous practice, making him a go-to lawyer in real estate matters.

Jeb H Joyce

At Quattlebaum, Grooms & Tull PLLC, Jeb Joyce has built a substantial reputation as a top-tier commercial lawyer. Joyce’s expertise spans a broad range of transactional mandates, and he boasts commendable experience in handling commercial loan and related realtor concerns.

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Timothy W Grooms

Also hailing from Quattlebaum, Grooms & Tull PLLC, Timothy Grooms is an esteemed commercial lawyer catering to a broad variety of clientele. Specifically, Grooms demonstrates uncanny aptitude in advising clients in the banking and real estate sectors, making him a top pick for commercial real estate loans.

James Saxton

James Saxton, of Friday, Eldredge & Clark, LLP, provides counsel to a wide spectrum of clients on real estate transactional and financing matters. His impressive portfolio includes notable work in the agricultural sector, solidifying his place in the realm of real estate law.

Dana Paul

At her own Paul Law Firm, PLLC, Dana Paul caters to a broad roster of clients such as developers, retailers, and investors. Her experience spans significant development projects, making her an exceptionally knowledgeable and detail-oriented practitioner.

J Cliff McKinney II

With his impressive track record in handling high-value acquisitions and sales, especially in the retail sector, Cliff McKinney from Quattlebaum, Grooms & Tull PLLC is widely regarded as one of the foremost real estate transactional lawyers in the state.

James P Beachboard

James Beachboard, of Wright, Lindsey & Jennings LLP, is recommended for the buying, selling, and leasing of commercial, agricultural, and infrastructure sites. His work on all facets has been described as impeccable.

S Richard Levin

Richard Levin from Hall, Estill, Hardwick, Gable, Golden & Nelson, PC brings to the table a wealth of experience in complex, multijurisdictional real estate matters. Levin is renowned for his transactional and developmental work, as part of a comprehensive corporate practice.

T Daniel Goodwin

Daniel Goodwin with Gill Ragon Owen, P.A is a highly proficient corporate finance attorney admired for his abilities in real estate development work. His regular interaction with financial institutions and developers affirms his solid reputation in commercial property matters.

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Harold W Hamlin

Harold Hamlin, a seasoned expert from Mitchell, Williams, Selig, Gates & Woodyard, PLLC, caters to clients’ diverse real estate-related issues; transactional matters, leasing work, and public and private finance. His clients include investors, lenders, and local businesses corroborating his formidable skill set in the real estate field.

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