Top 10 Most Influential Labor & Employment Lawyers in Iowa 2023

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For many organizations and individuals in Iowa, professional legal services are a vital necessity. The field of Labor & Employment law is particularly significant, given its role in governing relations between employers and employees. There’s a variety of lawyers in Iowa specializing in this field, each with their unique history, skillset, and area of expertise. The following profiles will present an overview of some of the most interesting and respected Labor & Employment lawyers in Iowa. These practitioners stand out for their dedication to their clients and their impressive abilities to navigate often complex legal situations.

Each presented profile includes the name of the practitioner, the firm they’re linked to, as well as bits of information about their professional experience and, where available, genuine feedback from clients. With the specifics of their practice including resolutions of employment disputes, compliance advice, and long-standing expertise in discrimination claims, these lawyers represent a diverse and authentic portrait of Iowa’s Labor & Employment legal domain.

This variety is reflective of the diverse challenges employers and employees may face in their professional realms. Whether dealing with discrimination claims, contractual quandaries, or unfair labor practices, the lawyers profiled here have the experience and practical knowledge to help their clients to better understand and handle their legal circumstances.

Emily Pontius

With an association with Fredrikson & Byron PA, Emily Pontius has a versatile practice dealing with different aspects of employment disputes. She has displayed considerable prowess in handling cases linked with discrimination claims and also offering compliance advice to clients from various industries in Iowa.

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Judith Herrmann

Lane & Waterman LLP’s Judith Herrmann is well-versed in employment matters, adept at handling disputes, advising on employment contracts, and dealing with disability issues. Her strategic advice and careful research are particularly valued by her clients in the manufacturing and healthcare sectors.

Frances Haas

Known for her dedication and commitment to her clients, Frances Haas of Nyemaster Goode PC specializes in defending employers especially in situations concerning discrimination claims brought by employees.

Vernon P Squires

At Bradley & Riley PC, Vernon Squires is known for his extensive and impressive history dealing with employment disputes. He also extends his skill set to Intellectual Property cases.

Russell Samson

Russell Samson of Dickinson, Mackaman, Tyler & Hagen, PC has a broad-based practice that encompasses discrimination and wrongful discharge claims, as well as matters about unfair labor practices and union grievances.

Kelsey J Knowles

Belin McCormick PC’s Kelsey Knowles is known for her expertise in labor and employment matters and her excellent counseling to employers regarding discrimination claims and equal pay issues.

Deborah Tharnish

Deborah Tharnish has been associated with Dentons Davis Brown for quite some time now. She has vast litigation experience and is known for achieving favorable results for her clients in employment disputes.

Jaki Samuelson

Jaki Samuelson of Whitfield & Eddy PLC services clients from various industries, advising them on employment matters such as wage and hour issues and OSHA investigations and also does risk management work.

Michael A Giudicessi

With no firm website available, Michael Giudicessi operates independently, offering a wealth of experience in a variety of employment disputes. He is particularly skilled in handling discrimination cases.

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Mary E Funk

For Nyemaster Goode PC’s Mary Funk, practical advice, strategic positioning, and focus on the next-step actions mark her extensive practice in labor and employment law. She’s reputed for her work on shareholder disputes, noncompete agreements, and her advice on avoidance of liability and investigations.

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