Top 10 Most Influential Employment Lawyers in Netherlands 2023 Unveiled

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In the legal realm, the field of employment law has seen a surge in importance recently due to the momentous societal shifts and changes in the work landscape. The need for talented employment lawyers who specialize in handling a wide range of workforce-related issues has never been higher. With this in mind, we’ve put together a compilation of distinguished employment lawyers in the Netherlands who consistently offer top-tier guidance and representation to their clients. These legal professionals successfully manage a myriad of complex cases related to labor agreements, reorganizations, disputes, and much more, solidifying their status as leading figures in their field.

Employment law encompasses a wide array of regulations designed to protect the rights of workers while ensuring the smooth functioning of businesses. It covers critical areas like workplace safety, discrimination, unfair dismissal, and much more. The Netherlands, as a fairly liberal and employee-focused nation, has some of the most complex and forward-thinking employment laws in the world, making the mastery of this field a significant achievement. So, let’s navigate the Dutch legal landscape and get to know these remarkable lawyers who are making strides in employment law.

The individuals highlighted here represent the top echelon of the employment law milieu in the Netherlands. They show an exceptional level of commitment to their practice and command a formidable understanding of the complexities and nuances of their respective lines of expertise. With diverse experiences, they serve a vast array of industries and cater to both large corporations and smaller businesses, providing valuable insights, counsel, and interventions on a range of work-related legal complications.

Paul Vestering

Stibbe’s Paul Vestering has a broad practice that assists clients with a wide range of employment issues. He has a reputation for diligent assistance on matters related to collective labor agreements and various pension law issues. This diversity and versatility in his practice make him an invaluable resource in the employment law industry in the Netherlands.

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Jaap van Slooten

Also associated with Stibbe , Jaap van Slooten is known for representing clients in rigorous litigation proceedings concerning collective agreements and executive management disputes, in addition to demonstrating expertise in pensions litigation. Jaap’s extensive experience and strategic competency make him one of the leading employment lawyers in the country.

Inge De Laat

Inge De Laat from Rutgers & Posch provides guidance and assistance regarding corporate reorganizations, dismissals, and TUPE matters. With her clients’ interests at heart, Inge carefully navigates the complexities of employment law to ensure the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Marjolijn Lips

Operating from Van Doorne, Marjolijn Lips advises clients on employment aspects of reorganizations and represents clients in works council negotiations. With a significant experience acting for clients from various industries, she confidently takes on challenging cases in her stride.

Chris Nekeman

Respected lawyer Chris Nekeman from Kennedy Van der Laan has carved a niche by advising companies on conversations with works councils, disputes with executive employees, and post-M&A restructuring. He also provides guidance on transfer of undertaking procedures.

Wijnand Blom

Wijnand Blom’s practice primarily involves negotiations with works councils and handling redundancies and executive dismissals. With vast experience in the transfer of employees, he represents Eversheds Sutherland with veritable proficiency, making him one of the most sought-after lawyers in the industry.

Els de Wind

Another accomplished lawyer from Van Doorne, Els de Wind assists clients with employment aspects of M&A transactions and works council negotiations. Her legal acumen and dedication make her an asset to any client seeking advice in employment law.

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Klaas Wiersma

Klaas Wiersma of Loyens & Loeff advises on a variety of employment law issues and is known for his work in cross-border restructurings and dismissals. He leads the employment and benefits practice at Loyens & Loeff in the Netherlands, standing as a beacon of expertise and efficiency.

Maartje Govaert

Maartje Govaert, who joined NautaDutilh in July 2022, leads its Netherlands employment team. Her practice includes assistance with remuneration policies, executive appointments and dismissals, and D&I issues, marking her as a versatile professional in the realm of employment law.

Christiaan Oberman

Christiaan Oberman of Palthe Oberman represents clients in various employment mandates. His specialty areas include executive dismissals, non-compete clauses, and claims related to unsafe working environments. His varied experience and breadth of knowledge make him an indispensable asset to his firm and clients.

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