Top 10 Most Influential Labor and Employment Lawyers in Washington 2023

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The field of labor and employment law in Washington is a vast landscape with a plethora of highly experienced and dedicated lawyers working to protect and uphold the rights of employees and employers alike. Through advising clients on complex matters concerning wage disputes, wrongful discharge cases, workplace discrimination, and beyond, these lawyers showcase their mastery of their craft. Below we delve into the profile of some prominent labor and employment lawyers practicing in the state of Washington.

These individuals not only bring their academic knowledge, but also their vast professional expertise to the table, enabling them to provide top-notch legal solutions to their clients. Renowned for their skills in litigation, negotiation, strategizing, and counseling, these lawyers act as a reliable pillar of support for their clients, helping them steer through complicated legal matters with ease.

Let us look at these lawyers in more detail, their experience, their areas of specialty, and their reputation in the industry. Spanning across numerous acclaimed law firms, such as Perkins Coie LLP, Stoel Rives LLP, and Dorsey & Whitney LLP among others, these individuals have carved a niche for themselves in the field of labor and employment law.

Bruce Michael Cross

Bruce Michael Cross, working with Perkins Coie LLP, is revered for his deep knowledge of labor and employment law. With a plethora of experience handling labor relations matters, employment class actions, and wage and hour disputes, Cross is highly rated by his peers and clients alike. His expertise in the industry coupled with his client-focused approach has earned him a noteworthy reputation.

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James M Shore

Belonging to Stoel Rives LLP, James M Shore is highly knowledgeable in labor and employment matters. His practice encompasses complex wage and hour class actions, collective bargaining negotiations and proceedings before the NLRB, where he often represents employers.

Jeff Hollingsworth

Jeff Hollingsworth, another competent lawyer from Perkins Coie LLP, is known for his representation of employers in major class actions. He also regularly advises his clients on matters concerning reduction in force and compensation. His litigation skills have earned him high praise in the industry.

Michael Droke

Working with Dorsey & Whitney LLP, Michael Droke holds significant experience in handling noncompete litigation. He often acts for clients in the agriculture sector and is known for his quick response times and extensive knowledge.

Julie Lucht

Julie Lucht of Perkins Coie LLP is recognized for her expertise in employment litigation. She advises clients on matters concerning employment discrimination and sexual harassment claims and is lauded for her exceptional intellect and proficiency in her field.

Suzanne Kelly Michael

Reputed labor & employment lawyer Suzanne Kelly Michael with Fisher Phillips, has an extensive experience in representing private and public sector employers on a range of issues. She skillfully advises clients on sensitive matters such as sexual harassment, wrongful discharge and gender discrimination claims, and is hailed as a proficient litigator.

Kenneth J Diamond

Kenneth J Diamond at Winterbauer & Diamond PLLC often defends employers against wage and hour class actions and litigation involving allegations of discrimination. Known for his thoughtfulness and understanding towards client needs, Diamond is appreciated for his depth of knowledge and decades of experience.

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Timothy J O’Connell

Timothy J O’Connell from Stoel Rives LLP, with his extensive experience and knowledge, handles a variety of labor and employment matters. He’s particularly active in representing healthcare industry clients for matters concerning wrongful discharge and discrimination.

James Sanders

Regarded as a fierce and talented trial lawyer, James Sanders of Perkins Coie LLP has extensive experience in handling significant class actions on behalf of employers. His expertise, particularly handling issues arising from whistle-blower and wage and hour disputes, is highly acclaimed.

Patrick M Madden

Patrick M Madden from K&L Gates frequently represents employers in wage and hourly class and collective actions. Madden is well-reputed for being very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He is often appreciated for his thoughtful approach towards legal strategy.

In conclusion, these lawyers reflect the peak of legal expertise in the labor and employment law sector in Washington. Their skills, understanding, and passion for their work not only set new standards in the industry, but also ensure high-quality legal guidance for their clients.

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