Top 10 Intellectual Property Lawyers Dominating Lithuania’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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The laws governing intellectual property (IP) are pivotal in promoting creativity, innovation, and competition in various industries. From assisting with patent registrations and trade marks to handling extensive litigation processes, IP lawyers play a key role in setting the foundations for business success. Lithuania boasts an impressive number of highly skilled IP lawyers dedicated to helping businesses protect their most valuable assets. Here we highlight and provide an overview of some renowned IP specialists in Lithuania.

These legal professionals have amassed a wealth of experience and expertise in various facets of IP law such as copyright, patent, and trade mark laws. They have represented diverse portfolios and assisted international and local clients in navigating complex IP cases. Let’s turn our focus on each lawyer, providing an elaborate bio and links to their respective law firms’ websites.

Please note that in Lithuania, like in many jurisdictions worldwide, the exact capacities and powers of a lawyer can widely vary. Therefore, it will be beneficial to liaise with the respective firms for exhaustive information regarding their services.

Inga Lukauskienė

Inga Lukauskienė of METIDA firm specializes in trade mark litigation and copyright protection. With her extensive experience, she has carved out a niche in the intellectual property industry of Lithuania.

Vilija Viešūnaitė

Vilija Viešūnaitė serves as Lithuania’s managing partner and the head of TRINITI JUREX’s intellectual property practice. Her expertise in trade mark enforcement and infringement mandates stands out.

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Ąžuolas Čekanavičius

Working with Ellex Valiunas, Ąžuolas Čekanavičius provides regular guidance on patent and trade mark registration and assist clients with opposition proceedings.

Julija Beldeninovienė

Julija Beldeninovienė at COBALT, assists with domestic and cross-border mandates, specializing in parallel import cases, trade mark litigation, and patent infringement matters.

Reda Žabolienė

Reda Žabolienė of METIDA firm offers an extensive background in IP litigation. She is the managing and founding partner at METIDA and has dealt with a variety of disputes related to trade marks, designs, and inventions.

Erikas Saukalas

Erikas Saukalas, a legal professional at METIDA, handles trade mark and data protection mandates effectively and has experience dealing with piracy issues for collecting societies.

Tomas Jakubauskas

Tomas Jakubauskas is an esteemed patent attorney who co-heads Eversheds Sutherland’s IP team. He is often involved in copyright and trade mark litigation, including cross-border cases.

Andrius Iškauskas

Representing NOOR, Andrius Iškauskas caters to collecting societies, real estate companies, and broadcasters on various IP issues. He is well respected for his abilities in copyright protection, licensing agreements, and patent disputes.

Giedrė Rimkūnaitė-Manke

Giedrė Rimkūnaitė-Manke, leading the IP team at Glimstedt, has experience in assisting clients with trade mark registrations and drafting commercial agreements related to the use of images, and any associated copyright considerations.

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Stasys Drazdauskas

Stasys Drazdauskas of Sorainen’s firm co-leads the IP team and excels in handling TMT matters. He is recognized for his expertise in data protection and represents clients in a variety of trade mark, patent, and copyright disputes.

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