2023’s Top 10 Norwegian Capital Markets: Equity Lawyers Dominating IPOs

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For anyone considering engaging in the world of capital markets equity in Norway, choosing the right legal ally can spell the difference between success and failure. Navigating these complex waters requires experienced, seasoned professionals who’ve not only been there before, but have also accumulated significant expertise. Here are some of Norway’s finest capital markets: equity lawyers who are not only recognized by their exceptional work but also admired by their peers in the industry.

These individuals have demonstrated their prowess in handling Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), rights issues, private placements, and listings among other operations. They provide advice and services to a wide spectrum of clients in the capital market scene, including issuers, investment firms, and other players in the industry. Their individual and collective contributions to this sector have been pivotal in shaping and sustaining Norway’s thriving capital markets scene.

This overview presents a brief summary of who these legal luminaries are, the firms they are affiliated with, and the particular specialities they bring to the table. Hopefully, this information will provide enough insight to help choose the right legal counsel for any capital markets activity in Norway.

Tone Østensen

Firm: Wiersholm
An established ECM practitioner, Tone Østensen has handled rights issues and listings during her distinguished career. She provides steadfast representation and advice in the capital market space.

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Simen Mejlænder

Firm: Wiersholm
Simen Mejlænder’s solid record in the ECM sector includes vast experience in private placements and listings. He is a recognized professional whose input is widely sought after in Norway.

Lars André Gjerdrum

Lars André Gjerdrum is known for his advice on private placements and listings. His experience extends to acting for investment firms and issuers, making him one of the most holistic law practitioners in capital markets.

Viggo Bang-Hansen

Firm: Advokatfirmaet Schjødt
Viggo Bang-Hansen is a distinguished practitioner with comprehensive expertise in ECM mandates. His experience is not limited to handling IPOs, but also includes the transfer of listings and de-listings. He is highly lauded for his knowledge and skills in his craft.

Robin Bakken

Firm: BAHR
Robin Bakken has carved a niche for himself in the ECM practice. He is a go-to lawyer for mandates involving IPOs, restructurings, and refinancings.

Bjarne Rogdaberg

Firm: Advokatfirmaet Schjødt
A trusted name in the capital markets, Bjarne Rogdaberg, offers his wisdom in listings, securities law, and regulatory topics. His insights and guidance have led to his widespread recognition in the field.

Sverre Sandvik

Firm: Wiersholm
Sverre Sandvik is a highly acclaimed ECM expert who has proven adept in managing a broad range of transactions, such as IPOs, private placements, and uplistings.

Amund Fougner Bugge

Firm: Advokatfirmaet Simonsen Vogt Wiig
Amund Fougner Bugge is an all-rounder in ECM mandates, handling everything from private placements and rights issues to dual-track listing processes and delistings.

Andreas Kildal

Firm: Advokatfirmaet CLP
Andreas Kildal’s portfolio spans across IPOs, private placements and reverse takeovers. Notably, he often handles matters with cross-border implications, making him a dependable choice in international affairs.

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Solveig Fagerheim Bugge

Firm: Advokatfirmaet Thommessen AS
Solveig Fagerheim Bugge is increasingly recognized in the ECM field. Her law practice covers IPOs, rights issues, and private placements, and she continues to make a steady impact in the ECM landscape.

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