Top 10 Influential General Business Law Experts in Campinas, Brazil 2023

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Known as a dynamic hub for entrepreneurship and business expansion, not only within the country but throughout Latin America, is the vibrant city of Campinas in Brazil. Given that such an environment inherently necessitates thriving commercial transactions, complex mergers and acquisitions, and intricate business expansions, effective legal supervision becomes imperative. To cater to this demand, Campinas boasts a roster of top-tier legal professionals who are well-versed in General Business Law. This article will spotlight some of the most distinguished attorneys in and around Campinas, showcasing their respective portfolios and professional accolades.

The sheer variety of industries in Campinas, ranging from technology to traditional manufacturing, has given rise to a multifaceted field of experienced lawyers specialising in different aspects of business law. From corporate to labour, tax and criminal law, these experts not only navigate the legal labyrinths for their clients but also take the time to communicate effectively while providing proactive services tailored to specific needs and scenarios. The lawyers presented in this feature have been commended for their proficiency, commitment, and distinct knack for problem-solving which is considered truly indispensable in this challenging field.

Their exemplary legal practices, coupled with an unparalleled understanding of their respective sectors, make the following attorneys formidable allies to businesses operating in Campinas and its environs.

Aloisio Carneiro da Cunha Menegazzo

Operating from the distinguished firm TozziniFreire Advogados, Aloisio Carneiro da Cunha Menegazzo impresses clients with his proficient corporate and M&A practice. Highly commended for his commitment, his clients have lauded his robust skills and undeniable dedication to his profession.

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Agostinho Zechin Pereira

Agostinho Zechin Pereira of the firm Lemos Advocacia para Negócios, is famed for his quick and knowledgeable approach to labour mandates. This adept lawyer has gathered much praise for his promptness and impressive proficiency in his field.

Rafael Oliveira Beber Peroto

Praised for his dynamic nature and clear communication style, Rafael Oliveira Beber Peroto, of the firm Oliveira e Olivi, primarily handles tax and corporate matters. Though his firm does not have a dedicated website, his reputation in the industry speaks volumes.

João Marcos Colussi

As the co-head of the Campinas tax department at Mattos Filho, João Marcos Colussi comes highly recommended for handling sophisticated litigation and administrative tax matters. He is recognised for providing excellent service, with a personal touch that sets him apart.

José Finocchio

An eminent figure at Finocchio & Ustra, José Finocchio is lauded for his proficiency in Corporate Law. He is praised for his collaborative approach and ranks high in terms of competence.

Gilberto Olivi

Also from the firm Oliveira e Olivi, Gilberto Olivi is known for his competencies in tax mandates, especially disputes and advisory work, in the oil and gas sector. Known for his approachable personality, he has proven a valuable asset to the industry despite his firm not having a website.

Agostinho Toffoli Tavolaro

Senior statesperson, Agostinho Toffoli Tavolaro from the firm Tavolaro e Tavolaro – Advogados, brings a wealth of experience to the table. A forerunner in representing multinational clients in the region, he is held in high regard for his tax, labour and corporate work.

André Barabino

Known for his specialisation in civil law, André Barabino from TozziniFreire Advogados, is renowned for his practice in contentious matters. His stellar handling of complex judicial and arbitration cases has earned him a well-deserved reputation.

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Leonardo Augusto Padilha Bertanha

Another celebrated name from TozziniFreire Advogados, Leonardo Augusto Padilha Bertanha is lauded for his expertise in labour-oriented cases. Known to be proactive and attentive, he is valued for his clear communication style and attention to detail.

Guilherme Cremonesi

Bringing specialist knowledge of criminal law, Guilherme Cremonesi of Finocchio & Ustra is a notable legal professional. Praised for his unmatched knowledge and attentiveness, he is an integral part of the legal community in Campinas.

Each of these remarkable individuals brings a unique set of skills and expertise to the table. They continuously set the bar higher in general business law in Campinas and contribute significantly to making the city a powerhouse of economic growth.

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