Top 10 Most Influential GCs Lawyers Transforming the USA Legal Landscape in 2023

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In the world of business, law can make or break a company. From patent disputes to antitrust cases, the legal element of a business plays a major role in its success. In this context, General Counsel (GCs) lawyers of companies become key figures. They are the ones who handle the legal affairs of the corporations and play a significant role in the growth of the company. This piece aims to shed light on some of the most influential GCs in the USA, making a big impact in the legal landscape.

As advisors, GCs ensure that all company operations are within legal means. They provide legal counsel, strategize on legal matters, manage legal risks, and advance the corporations they serve. An influential GC, however, is more than just an advisor. They show thought leadership, drive strategic initiatives, and make a significant contribution to their respective industries and communities.

Let’s spotlight some of these legal industry leaders, providing insight into their experiences, successes, and contributions to the legal landscape. You can find links to their respective firms (where available) and details about their careers.

Paul Gauron

Paul Gauron represents New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc, and he has been instrumental in the company’s growth into a footwear powerhouse. He has successfully defended the company in a number of high-profile trademark disputes and secured a substantial trademark infringement award in China. More about the company can be found here

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Steve McManus

At State Farm Insurance Companies, Steve McManus has witnessed the growth of the legal department to an 800-strong force. He has been lauded for his commitment to improve diversity within the legal profession, and efforts to ensure a diverse team at State Farm. Learn more about the company here

David C Vigilante

Cable News Network, Inc has David C Vigilante as their legal torchbearer. He is recognized as an influential GC in the media industry.

Donald J Rosenberg

Donald J Rosenberg, at Qualcomm Incorporated, carries enormous importance in the tech industry. Information about the corporation can be found here

Bradford Berry

Bradford Berry, General Counsel of the NAACP, is a prominent figure in the civil rights spectrum. His services at NAACP, coupled with his diverse experience, have earned him national recognition for legal excellence.

Breck Hancock

Breck Hancock, at DST Global, is renowned for her proficiency in negotiating hybrid primary and secondary transactions for the firm’s later-stage investments. She is recognized by colleagues for her unique blend of legal expertise and financial acumen.

Denise Cade

Denise Cade, at Idex Corporation, provides strategic thinking and exceptional leadership, fostering a truly collaborative and inclusive work atmosphere within the company. She is also actively involved in promoting the advancement of women and minorities in the workplace.

Marc Ellenbogen

Marc Ellenbogen is an influential GC in the tech industry, currently serving at Foursquare Labs, Inc.

John G Finley

John G Finley works as Chief Legal Officer at The Blackstone Group. With over USD470 billion in assets under the company’s management, Finley’s adept transactional expertise holds him in high regard within the legal community. More about the company can be found here

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Lori Schechter

Lori Schechter serves at McKesson Corporation, where she showcases her legal prowess and contributes significantly to the legal landscape of the pharmaceuticals industry. Learn more about the corporation here

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