Top 10 Most Influential GCs Lawyers Dominating Austria’s Legal Scene in 2023

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The legal industry plays a significant role in the economy, with its practitioners offering indispensable services to both individuals and corporations. In the corporate world, General Counsels (GCs) are seen as the driving force behind sound business decisions, offering their robust legal expertise to companies. In Austria, there are a number of notable GCs who wield significant influence in their respective companies and industries. These individuals are respected figures in the corporate landscape, respected for their knowledge, judgment, and dedication to their profession.

Essentially, GCs oversee all legal matters within their respective corporations. Their primary role is to protect their company from legal risks, but their influence expands much further. They are instrumental in corporate governance, compliance matters, intellectual property rights, and more. These industry leaders make crucial decisions daily, which directly impact the course of their organizations. In this article, we will highlight these eminent figures, showcasing those Austrian GCs who stand at the forefront of this exciting and challenging profession.

There’s a notable depth of talent in this field; however, the GCs highlighted here have demonstrated tangible impact, dedication, and influence in their roles. Their professional accomplishments, coupled with their commitment to the corporate world and the legal community, certainly make them stand out. Here are the Most Influential GCs Lawyers in Austria.

Renata Hrnjak

Renata Hrnjak serves as the General Counsel for Samsung Electronics Austria GmbH. Even though there’s no website for the firm, Hrnjak’s influence in the industry is widely felt.

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Renate Koch-Habenbacher

At Raiffeisen Centrobank AG, Renate Koch-Habenbacher distinguishes herself with a keen understanding of financial law. She’s a respected figure in the industry and plays a key role at this renowned international bank.

Marc A. Lahusen

Marc A. Lahusen is the General Counsel for Georg Fischer AG. Marc doesn’t just excel in his role; he’s a key figure in the Austrian corporate law community.

Gerda Holzinger-Burgstaller

Gerda Holzinger-Burgstaller is the General Counsel at Erste Group Bank AG. Her legal expertise in the banking sector is well-regarded, adding vital value to the financial institution.

Marielouise Gregory

Marielouise Gregory serves as General Counsel at Telekom Austria. Marielouise is known not just for her legal acumen but for her dynamism and critical role in the telecommunications sector.

Roswitha Stöllner

In the retail sector, Roswitha Stöllner stands out as the General Counsel for the SPAR Austria Group. Her significant contributions to the company and industry at large are well known.

Roland Schreiner

Roland Schreiner is the esteemed General Counsel at ATOS Solution and Services GmbH. Roland’s legal fineness continues to benefit the IT services company, whilst contributing greatly to the sector.

Lucia Kautzky

At Immofinanz AG, Lucia Kautzky’s role as General Counsel is instrumental in the company’s day-to-day legal operations. Lucia’s success is rooted in her profound knowledge of real estate law, finance, and corporate governance.

Gregor Gessner

Gregor Gessner serves as the General Counsel at GATX Rail Austria GmbH. His ability to navigate complex legal landscapes benefit the firm, reinforcing his stature as an influential industry figure.

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Robert Kaukal

The General Counsel of Raiffeisen Bank International, Robert Kaukal, is recognized for his extensive expertise in finance law and corporate governance. His decisive role at the bank is indicative of his influence.

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