Top 10 Most Influential Energy & Natural Resources Lawyers in Ecuador 2023

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With a wealth of untapped oil and mineral resources, Ecuador offers vast opportunities for energy and natural resource ventures. Legal expertise is crucial in navigating the complex regulatory framework that governs these rapidly developing sectors. In this article, we profile ten of Ecuador’s top lawyers specializing in Energy and Natural Resources law.

All these attorneys have made significant contributions to the legal field, with special emphasis on Energy and Natural Resources law. They have demonstrated expertise, experience, and exceptional client service, vouched for by both their clients and peers. These are the legal savants you would like to have in your corner when venturing into the intricate domains of energy, mining, oil and gas in Ecuador.

Since each lawyer is unique in their experience and area of focus, it’s essential to understand the individual strengths of these distinguished professionals. So, let’s delve deeper and get to know these esteemed personalities better.

Andrés Ycaza

Partner at Flor Bustamante Pizarro & Hurtado, Andrés Ycaza is lauded for his extensive experience in advising on the negotiation of concession agreements and mining rights. A well-regarded figure in the Ecuadorian mining sector, one observer states, “Andrés Ycaza is an excellent lawyer who is experienced in the mining sector.”

Roque Bernardo Bustamante

Also from Flor Bustamante Pizarro & Hurtado is Roque Bernardo Bustamante, a front-running partner commended for his expertise in the Energy & Natural Resources sphere, in particular, his work in the mining and oil and gas sectors in Ecuador. He is distinguished for his deep understanding of the industry and the value he brings to his clients.

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César Zumárraga

Tobar ZVS is home to top-tier practitioner César Zumárraga who has amassed high esteem from both peers and clients for his encompassing expertise in mining transactions, regulations, and policies, as well as his seasoned practice in energy-related mandates.

Gonzalo González Galarza

Gonzalo González Galarza is a seasoned practitioner with a solid oil and gas practice in Ecuador. His profound understanding of domestic law issues and his ability to holistically approach cases has earned him high praise from professionals within the industry.

María Isabel Aillón-Vásconez

Based at Pérez Bustamante & Ponce, associate-to-watch María Isabel Aillón-Vásconez has proven her solid legal capabilities in Ecuador’s mining, energy, and oil and gas sectors, particularly handling regulatory matters.

Francisco Roldán-Cobo

Respected senior figure and co-head of department at Pérez Bustamante & Ponce, Francisco Roldán-Cobo, is renowned in the Ecuadorian market for his extensive experience in the oil and gas industry. He plays active roles in major projects in the field for significant national and international clientele.

Rodrigo Borja

Effervescent partner and co-head of department at AVL Abogados, Rodrigo Borja is celebrated for his activity in Ecuador’s hydrocarbon and mining sectors. His diplomatic approach when dealing with government officials is highly commended by his clients.

Jaime Zaldumbide

Jaime Zaldumbide, partner and co-head of department at Pérez Bustamante & Ponce, is well-versed with the exploration and exploitation of natural resources and the development of alternative energy projects in Ecuador.

Juan Fernando Larrea

Juan Fernando Larrea from Tobar ZVS, has emerged as an important practitioner in Ecuador’s energy and natural resources sectors. One source says, “Juan Fernando Larrea always gives me the best advice to solve my doubts regarding legal aspects I have encountered in my duties.”

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Rafael Valdivieso

Fulfilling a key role at Bustamante Fabara, Rafael Valdivieso is recognized for his strategic approach to structuring oil and mining projects in Ecuador. His practical understanding of government agency workflows is a key asset that clients appreciate.

All of these attorneys not only offer extensive expertise in their respective fields but also possess an innate ability to bridge understanding between legalities and the Energy and Natural Resources sector. They exemplify what it means to be at the forefront of such a pivotal industry in Ecuador.

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