Top 10 Influential Banking & Finance Lawyers in New Zealand 2023

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While New Zealand may be commonly known for its stunning landscapes and as the setting for the epic “Lord of the Rings” saga, it is also becoming increasingly known for its financial sector. Here, law practitioners work diligently in the fields of banking and finance, assisting businesses in transactions, navigating the complexities of project financings, and advising on acquisition finance, bond issuances and more.

In a landscape of various legal firms and institutions, several lawyers have made a noteworthy impact with their expertise and dedication. Here, we will introduce you to some of the most interesting banking and finance lawyers operating in New Zealand today. Not only have they demonstrated a high level of proficiency in their respective fields, but they also contribute greatly to the development and optimization of New Zealand’s banking and finance industry.

In no particular order, we are proud to present these exemplary legal professionals.

Steve Gallaugher

Working with MinterEllisonRuddWatts, Steve Gallaugher is renowned for aiding clients in complex cross-border acquisition finance matters. Being well-versed in the complexities of banking and finance matters, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table.

Luke Ford

At Chapman Tripp, Luke Ford continues to grow his reputation through his involvement in project financings. He also offers support to a diverse range of clients in bond issuances, demonstrating his versatility and expertise in the field.

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Pauline Ho

Practising at Dentons Kensington Swan, Pauline Ho has earned commendations from clients with her proficient handling of acquisition finance and refinancing mandates. Her comprehensive knowledge and client-oriented approach have made her a remarkable legal professional in her field.

Murray King

Of Bell Gully, Murray King continues to be highly sought after for his advice on acquisition finance and securitisation programmes. With an impressive track record and an ability to foresee potential legal issues, he stands as a pillar of reliability within the profession.

Mei Nah

Hailing from Mayne Wetherell, Mei Nah is acknowledged as a securitisation specialist. Beyond her specialisation, she also advises government bodies and corporates on bond issuances, demonstrating her comprehensive expertise in the industry.

Cathryn Barber

Cathryn Barber is a key figure at Chapman Tripp and is heavily involved in capital markets matters, make her a substantial resource particularly for bond issuances. As the head of Chapman Tripp’s finance practice, her leadership skills and proficiency are undeniable.

Peter Owles

A high-profile lawyer at Buddle Findlay, Peter Owles not only represents both lenders and borrowers alike, but also provides banking and financial expertise that few others in the industry can equal.

Stuart Evans

At Simpson Grierson, Stuart Evans regularly aids banks with significant acquisition and property finance matters. His role as head of the banking and finance department at Simpson Grierson bears testament to his leadership and expertise.

John-Paul Rice

Serving as a director at Vince&Rice, John-Paul Rice maintains a robust banking and finance practice, advising on refinancing and property finance matters. His diverse and strong skill set makes him a valuable asset in the legal arena.

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Geoff Busch

As the head of Anderson Lloyd’s banking and finance practice, Geoff Busch manages a broad and highly reputed advisory practice. His areas of focus include acquisition finance, project finance and debt refinancing, making him an expert of great repute in the industry.

The ever-evolving landscape of banking and finance law has become increasingly intricate. However, New Zealand is fortunate to have this skilled ensemble of legal practitioners contributing significantly to its financial landscape. Their contributions to their respective fields ensure that the legalities surrounding banking and finance continue to uphold integrity and assure prosperity.

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