Top 10 Most Influential Competition/Antitrust Lawyers in China: 2023 Analysis

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Competition and antitrust law is a critical aspect of China’s legislative landscape, particularly given the country’s rapid economic growth and the need to ensure fair and competitive business practices. One important factor in the effective implementation of these laws is the role of proficient legal practitioners who specialize in this field. We turn the spotlight on some of the leading competition and antitrust lawyers in China, who are notable for their extensive experience, strategic acumen, and recognition within the legal industry.

These outstanding legal practitioners are known for their results-oriented approach and a deep understanding of competition and antitrust issues. The lawyers featured in this article represent a diverse and impressive array of law firms, reflecting the vibrancy and competitiveness of the Chinese legal market. They are chosen based on their unique expertise, track records, and impact on the industry. They have played significant roles in shaping, interpreting and enforcing competition and antitrust laws and regulations in China.

Let’s have a look at these impactful personalities shaping the Chinese competition and antitrust legal scene and learn more about their practices, achievements, and contributions towards making the Chinese market a fair and competitive platform for businesses.

Yi Jin, King & Capital Law Firm

King & Capital Law Firm‘s Yi Jin is a dynamic practitioner focusing on competition disputes and antitrust investigations on behalf of her clients. With an additional grasp on intellectual property-related private enforcement litigation, her multi-disciplinary approach is commendable in the Competition/Antitrust (PRC Firms) industry in China.

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Vivian Cao, Shanghai Lang Yue Law Firm

Vivian Cao specializes in both transactional and compliance matters, bolstering competition law practices across the nation. Notably, her expertise in merger control filings resulting from high-value transactions is often sought after, marking her indelible impact in the field.

Mingfang Gong, JunHe LLP

At JunHe LLP, Gong Mingfang’s expertise in handling merger control filings and internal audits to ensure antitrust compliance is valued. Her clientele includes both domestic and foreign corporations for whom she also handles joint venture agreements, making her a key figure in the industry.

Caroline Huang, Fangda Partners

Fangda Partners houses Caroline Huang, a highly accomplished antitrust partner with impressive expertise in all aspects of competition law. This includes market concentration filings, abuse of dominance investigations and internal antitrust compliance audits.

Wei Huang, Tian Yuan Law Firm

Heading Tian Yuan’s competition law department is Huang Wei. With many years of competition law experience under his belt, Wei is also a recommended litigator. His skill in handling sensitive abuse of dominance investigations can be seen at Tian Yuan Law Firm.

John Yong Ren, T&D Associates

T&D Associates is home to John Yong Ren, a pre-eminent practitioner known for his extensive experience in handling complex merger filings, particularly in highly sensitive sectors such as the semiconductor industry.

Hao Zhan, AnJie Broad Law Firm

Director and multi-talented lawyer Zhan Hao of AnJie Broad Law Firm has a strong track record in antitrust litigation. His abilities extend to managing challenging merger filings and abuse of dominance investigations, showcasing his versatility in the industry.

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Chen Ma, Han Kun Law Offices

At Han Kun Law Offices, Chen Ma helms the competition law department. Renowned for his skilful advising on merger filings and antitrust investigations, he often serves financial services sector clients and handles their big-ticket acquisitions and required merger filings.

Jet Deng, Dentons China

Jet Deng of Dentons China distinguishes himself with his proficiency in both antitrust and data privacy law. Focusing mostly on abuse of dominance and cartel investigations, he adeptly assists clients on merger filings in China.

Jie Tong, DaHui Lawyers

Tong Jie heads the competition law practice at DaHui Lawyers. Capable of handling the full range of antitrust work, he frequently deals with market concentration filings for big-ticket acquisitions and ensures compliance with merger remedies.

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