Top 10 Noteworthy Real Estate Lawyers in Maine to Watch in 2023

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Real estate law is a unique and challenging aspect of the legal landscape. In the Pine Tree State, it requires astute understanding of local, state, and federal regulations, broad knowledge of finance and commerce, and the core ability to navigate a multitude of transactions. This article showcases ten significant real estate attorneys who have made a considerable mark in Maine. Their dedication, mastery of the law, and unwavering commitment to their clients have earned them recognition within and beyond the state.

Eben Adams is a star attorney which the state of Maine is proud to have. He chairs the real estate practice group at Pierce Atwood LLP, a leading law firm in Maine. Adams has a versatile real estate practice that covers leasing, acquisition, financing, and redeveloping situations. His pragmatic legal strategy coupled with his keen attention to detail sets him apart. Renowned for his diligence and organisational capabilities, his proficiency extends to all aspects of legal work.

Eben Adams – Pierce Atwood LLP

With a career spanning through all phases of real estate development, Tom S Hanson from Bernstein Shur is a renowned expert in transactions, including the acquisition, financing, and sale of condominiums. His attention to detail has earned him significant praise in the field.

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Tom S Hanson – Bernstein Shur

Drummond Woodsum is home to Peter Klein, whose practice covers the complete aspect of real estate law. Klein is a key advisor for clients in transactional work, financing affairs, leasing issues, and development work, showcasing his versatility in the field.

Peter Klein – Drummond Woodsum

Particularly focusing on condominium projects, Charlie Katz-Leavy from Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry has made his mark in both commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Charlie Katz-Leavy – Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry

Gary Vogel, also from Drummond Woodsum, stands out in property finance, acquisitions, and redevelopment projects. Known for his professionalism and efficiency, Vogel sets a high bar in the Maine legal community.

Gary Vogel – Drummond Woodsum

Lending his services to renewable energy clients, Peter Van Hemel from Bernstein Shur is recognized for his work in financing and development. Leading the real estate department of the firm, Hemel is admired for his reasonability, sharpness, and ease of cooperation.

Peter Van Hemel – Bernstein Shur

Hawley Strait, another eminent attorney from Bernstein Shur, regularly advocates for developers in complex real estate transactions. His unique blend of professionalism and friendliness is highly valued by his clients.

Hawley Strait – Bernstein Shur

Known for his adept handling of commercial real estate queries, Nicholas Morrill from Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry is frequently called upon to represent developers in sales, purchases, and leasing transactions.

Nicholas Morrill – Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry

Rebecca Greenfield from Pierce Atwood LLP has earned a high reputation in the real estate finance practice. Providing exceptional advice to developers and lenders on transactional matters, her breadth of perspective combined with a meticulous approach speaks volumes about her professionalism.

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Rebecca Greenfield – Pierce Atwood LLP

Capping off this remarkable list is William M. Welch from Bernstein Shur, appreciated for his wide-ranging real estate practice. Welch’s specializations extend across property finance, acquisitions, and leasing assignments, contributing to his well-deserved recognition in the Maine legal community.

William M Welch – Bernstein Shur

In conclusion, the Maine real estate legal landscape is enriched by the immense dedication, proficiency, and passion of these skilled attorneys. They serve as an epitome of what real estate lawyers in the region can aspire to, as they navigate the vast and intricate fabric of real estate law.

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