Top 10 Most Influential Appellate Litigation Lawyers in Alabama, 2023

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The law landscape of Alabama is made distinctive by the presence of skilled appellate attorneys who are renowned for their vast experience, stellar performance, and contribution to the legal field. The overarching goal of appellate litigation is to reverse or uphold an original court decision at a higher court. This specialized branch of law requires a unique blend of attributes like excellent written and oral advocacy skills, deep industry knowledge, careful analysis and the ability to conceptualize strategically. In Alabama, several lawyers stand out in their execution of appellate law, each demonstrating a unique approach to the complexities of the profession.

These seasoned lawyers are remarkable in their representation while also showing great dedication to their clients. They encompass a wide array of relevant experience, including representation of government bodies, public and private sectors, corporations, manufacturing sectors, and the energy sectors. In addition, they handle a range of significant litigation and appellate proceedings such as personal injury litigation, commercial disputes, complex class actions, healthcare and trade secret disputes, insurance claims, and breach of contract cases.

Here, we highlight some of the finest appellate lawyers in Alabama who strive for excellence in their work and exhibit unparalleled professionalism and expertise in their practices. We invite readers to explore each attorney’s professional profile to better understand their distinct approaches and areas of proficiency in the field of appellate litigation.

M Christian King – Lightfoot, Franklin & White, LLC

With a distinguished reputation in the market, M Christian King consistently showcases his deep expertise in appellate proceedings. He frequently represents clients from the manufacturing and energy sectors, handling single-plaintiff cases, mass torts, and class actions with savoir-faire.

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Lee E Bains Jr – Maynard, Cooper & Gale P.C.

Aiding in a broad spectrum of commercial disputes, including complex class actions and appeals, Lee E Bains Jr stands out in his ability to understand the big picture and fiercely advocate his clients’ interests in breach of contract and insurance coverage cases.

John Neiman – Maynard, Cooper & Gale P.C.

Recognized for his representation of government bodies and corporations, John Neiman is acclaimed as a top-tier legal intellect. His written prowess and oral argumentation skill make him an exceptional litigator and appellate professional.

Robert Segall – Copeland, Franco, Screws & Gill

Robert Segall‘s command over commercial and consumer disputes, healthcare, and personal injury litigation is particularly noteworthy. His encompassing practice makes him an asset in broad-based appellate proceedings.

Forrest Latta – Burr & Forman LLP

With extensive experience in dealing with appeals related to trade secrets disputes and insurance claims, Forrest Latta leads Burr & Forman’s appellate team and enjoys statewide respect for his prowess in the field of appellate litigation.

Ed Haden – Balch & Bingham LLP

Chair of Balch & Bingham’s appellate group, Ed Haden is renowned as a top appellate practitioner in the Alabama Bar. His expertise in class actions and litigation for the energy and financial services sectors speaks volumes about his proficiency.

Deborah Smith – Christian & Small LLP

Deborah Smith, as the managing partner of the firm, skilfully represents clients before federal and state courts in a myriad of commercial disputes. Her presence further accentuates the integrity of the litigation and appellate services provided.

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Travis Ramey – Burr & Forman LLP

Travis Ramey is well-versed in representing clients from both the public and private sectors. His deep knowledge of the appellate procedures and the panel judges is evident in his handling of labor and employment disputes.

Stanley E Blackmon – Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

As an associate in the team, Stanley E Blackmon assists clients with a variety of high-value appeals. His expertise in breach of contract and personal injury cases has made him a coveted lawyer for appeals in Alabama.

Matthew Lembke – Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

Known for his proficiency in the appellate practice, Matthew Lembke also offers deep knowledge of personal injury and toxic torts mandates. His commendable performance in the market consistently earns him respect and acknowledgment from his peers and clients.

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