Top 10 Influential Argentinian Real Estate Lawyers to Watch in 2023

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Argentina’s real estate sector has seen exponential growth in recent years, driving the need for competent and experienced legal professionals to navigate the complexities that emerge in this dynamic field. In this feature, we cast a spotlight on some of Argentina’s top real estate lawyers, offering a comprehensive look into their backgrounds and areas of expertise. From seasoned veterans to talented young lawyers making a name for themselves, let’s delve into the world of real estate law in Argentina. Their exceptional ability to handle complex real estate cases and extensive knowledge of the changing legal landscape make them absolute standouts in the field. Their significant contributions to the field have not passed unnoticed, proving invaluable to businesses and individuals in need of top-level legal service.

Jorge Claudio Mayer

Renowned as a dedicated and hands-on lawyer, Jorge Claudio Mayer of Mayer Remiro Abogados is appreciated for his active role in Argentina’s real estate market. With prowess and dedication setting him apart, Mayer continues to make sizable strides in the industry.

Pedro Nicholson

Partner at Beccar Varela, Pedro Nicholson stands out for his unwavering assistance to local and international clients. His expertise spans project development, including construction agreements, acquisitions, and financing. Known for his quick response time, Pedro Nicholson also comes highly recommended for his academic prowess and comprehensive grasp of the Argentinian real estate sector.

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Agustín Alberto Pérez Cambiasso

A leading partner at Nicholson y Cano Abogados, Agustín Alberto Pérez Cambiasso demonstrates effective counsel for developers and real estate funds. His exceptional knowledge of the real estate business is widely recognized, with clients and peers alike acknowledging his extensive industry experience.

Martín Roth

Emerging power player Martín Roth from Baker McKenzie is recognized for his unique knack in identifying key issues in complex matters. His commercial approach to resolution and laser-sharp focus position him as a rising star in the real estate law sector.

Alejandra Verónica Bugna

Department lead at Baker McKenzie, Alejandra Verónica Bugna exhibits notable experience in advising clients on the mechanics of real estate projects, lease agreements, the real estate implications of M&A transactions, and related regulatory mandates.

Fernando Aguinaga

At Zang, Bergel y Viñes Abogados, partner Fernando Aguinaga plays a key role in assisting clients with intricate real estate projects. His broad knowledge of the Argentinian real estate sphere and extensive experience makes him a go-to lawyer for complex matters.

Saúl Zang

Renowned practitioner Saúl Zang, also of Zang, Bergel y Viñes Abogados, is widely praised for his enduring contribution to Argentina’s real estate sector, standing as a highly respected figure in this field.

Pilar Marcó

Pilar Marcó, at Bruchou & Funes de Rioja, is carving out a name for herself by regularly assisting clients with the development of commercial, residential, and mixed-use real estate projects. An up-and-coming force in real estate law, Marco proves herself to be a young lawyer with boundless potential.

Inés Poffo

Inés Poffo from Zang, Bergel y Viñes Abogados is commended for her wealth of experience in advising on real estate acquisitions. She’s praised for her consistent availability and for offering clear and timely advice to clients.

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Juan Manuel Quintana

Recognized as a dynamic partner in Zang, Bergel y Viñes Abogados, Juan Manuel Quintana effectively assists clients with the financing of commercial ventures and real estate matters related to agribusiness.

In conclusion, the wealth of talent present in Argentina’s real estate law sector is astounding, as is evident from the variety of seasoned professionals and promising youngsters making contributions to the field. Their industry knowledge, academic ethos, and forthright approaches lead them to successful outcomes while enhancing the profile of Argentina’s real estate law sector.

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