Top 10 Influential Public Law Barcelona Lawyers in Spain 2023

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Public law is a critical aspect of the legal environment, primarily because it pertains to the relationships between individuals, businesses, and the state. It provides a legal framework that regulates the operations of state and its relationship with citizens. Spain, just like any other country has its own unique public law domain, with a myriad of proficient and experienced practitioners providing guidance on various issues ranging from procurement to urban planning and judicial proceedings. The city of Barcelona stands out as a haven of experienced public law practitioners who have distinguished themselves in service delivery. Below, we are going to showcase and provide information about some of these experienced public law lawyers based in Barcelona.

In Spain’s public law sector, there is no shortage of exemplary advocates versed in transactioning public contracts, regulatory compliance, and processing public administrative appeals. Among these distinguished individuals is Pilar Fernández, an acclaimed figure in the legal field based at EY Abogados. Another prominent figure is Carme Briera of Clifford Chance LLP, renown for her advisory role in contentious-administrative proceedings and public procurement processes. Although her law firm does not have a website, she remains a formidable force in Spain’s legal sector.

Within Barcelona’s legal and academic circles, there’s one notable figure whose vast experience and respect command recognition – Joaquín Tornos Mas of Tornos Abogados, S.L.P.. Renowned for his collaborative role in public administrative concessions, Tornos’s expertise is highly sought by clients for their various legal needs. In the same breath, we acknowledge Ricard Nel-lo Padró, a co-founder at Toda & Nel-lo Abogados, who dispenses valuable advice on public procurement mandates and service agreement negotiations.

Pilar Fernández, EY Abogados

Pilar Fernández is a highly experienced lawyer who specializes in public contracts, regulatory compliance, and public administrative appeals. She has served many clients in Spain, providing reliable advice on complex legal issues in public law. She practices law at EY Abogados, a reputable law firm located in Spain.

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Carme Briera, Clifford Chance LLP

With no firm website available, Carme Briera is a seasoned lawyer at Clifford Chance LLP, where she has proven herself a dependable practitioner by consistently advising clients on contentious administrative proceedings and public procurement processes efficiently and competently.

Joaquín Tornos Mas, Tornos Abogados, S.L.P.

Based at Tornos Abogados, S.L.P., eminent practitioner Joaquín Tornos Mas is revered in academic circles as well as the broader Barcelona legal landscape. Renowned for his immense experience in dealing with public administrative concessions, Tornos Mas is a revered figure for clients seeking public law assistance.

Ricard Nel-lo Padró, Toda & Nel-lo Abogados

Also based in Spain is Ricard Nel-lo Padró, a co-founder of Toda & Nel-lo Abogados, well versed in public procurement mandates and adept in service agreement negotiations. His firm’s website offers more about his experience, industry focus, and contact information.

Lluís Cases, Garrigues

Department head Lluís Cases from Garrigues, is an experienced and dependable lawyer. He offers guidance on various public procurements and urban planning matters in Spain, ensuring that clients get the best advice in public law.

Carles Pareja i Lozano, Pareja & Associats

Based in Pareja & Associats, Carles Pareja i Lozano is a respected and experienced lawyer in public law. Pareja often assists in the drafting of planning instruments while dealing with the clients’ aspirations for modern industrial locations and medical facilities.

Ignacio Toda Jiménez, Toda & Nel-lo Abogados

Ignacio Toda Jiménez is a co-founding partner of Toda & Nel-lo Abogados. He is an expert at representing clients in public-private partnerships and contentious administrative proceedings. His extensive experience makes him a go-to lawyer in public law issues.

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Javier García Trujillo, Toda & Nel-lo Abogados

Javier García Trujillo is another lawyer from Toda & Nel-lo Abogados who provides valuable advice on contentious administrative proceedings and negotiations for urban planning agreements. He boasts substantial knowledge and experience in public law, making him quite a catch for clients in need of legal services in that line.

Gemma Segura López, Pareja & Associats

Also based at Pareja & Associats is Gemma Segura López, who is recognized for her expertise in drafting alterations to Catalan planning instruments and assisting with the legal due diligence for potential real estate acquisitions.

Daniel I Ripley, Uría Menéndez

Last but not least is Daniel I Ripley from Uría Menéndez, widely recognized for his experience in procurement, licensing matters, and judicial proceedings regarding public contracts. His input and expertise have proven to be a great asset for many clients in Barcelona and Spain at large.

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