Unveiling 2023’s Top 10 Most Influential Chinese Construction Lawyers

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The rapidly evolving legal landscape in China brings the spotlight on a select group of lawyers specializing in Construction law in PRC Firms. These professionals bring to the table astute legal acumen, an in-depth understanding of real estate and construction law nuances, and a keen foresight into managing contentious and non-contentious cases. They serve as the pillars of their respective law firms, representing clients in complex legal matters and carving out industry-shaping legal precedents.

Each lawyer brings a unique approach, serving to enrich their legal practice sphere while providing a multifaceted perspective on complex construction law challenges. Navigating through legal complexities, they ensure seamless proceedings for their clients, proving to be invaluable assets in any construction litigation or dispute. Balanced with their specialist legal knowledge, these lawyers offer a confluence of experience, success, and dedication.

This article presents not merely a roster of leading construction lawyers in China but a testament to their skills, abilities, and the immense value they bring forth. Here, we introduce you to ten such luminaries, who inspire and drive the sector forward with their enterprising spirit and unwavering commitment to the construction industry.

1. Guofei Lu, Boss & Young Attorneys-At-Law

Boss & Young Attorneys-At-Law

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Leading the real estate and construction practice at Boss & Young Attorneys-At-Law, Guofei Lu brings his robust experience to both non-contentious and contentious matters. He is well-versed in handling development matters and disputes arising from construction projects and transactions.

2. Liyuan Du, Dentons China

Dentons China

Du Liyuan is recognized for his adept handling of contentious construction matters at Dentons China, recently managing investor disagreement and payment disputes.

3. Jeremy Zhou, Beijing Grandway Law Offices

Beijing Grandway Law Offices

Jeremy Zhou displays proficiency in contentious construction matters at Beijing Grandway Law Offices, advising investors on real estate projects.

4. Lingjun Wang, Shanghai JianLingChengDa Law Firm

Shanghai JianLingChengDa Law Firm

Wang Lingjun at Shanghai JianLingChengDa Law Firm exhibits expertise in both contentious and non-contentious construction matters. He specializes in advising on cross-border construction projects and domestic transportation and energy infrastructures.

5. Shuying Zhu, City Development Law Firm

City Development Law Firm

Zhu Shuying, with his profound knowledge and experience in high-stakes construction disputes, has become an essential figure at City Development Law Firm.

6. Yinli Gao, Beijing Cyan Law Firm

Beijing Cyan Law Firm

As a respected figure in the construction field, Gao Yinli exhibits his expertise as an arbitrator at Beijing Cyan Law Firm.

7. Rubo Han, City Development Law Firm

City Development Law Firm

Rubo Han, City Development Law Firm’s deputy director, particularly excels in managing construction disputes related to EPC mode.

8. Wanhe Ye, Beijing Cyan Law Firm

Beijing Cyan Law Firm

Ye Wanhe serves as the managing partner of Beijing Cyan Law Firm and co-leads the real estate and construction department. He is recognized for his expertise in managing construction and PPP projects and related disputes.

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9. Chao Lu, Guangdong Guanghe Law Firm

Guangdong Guanghe Law Firm

Chao Lu, associated with Guangdong Guanghe Law Firm, is known for his noteworthy experience in real estate and construction projects, representing developers based in South China. He also advises on disputes arising from ongoing projects.

10. Xiaofeng Zhang, V&T Law Firm

V&T Law Firm

Zhang Xiaofeng, based at V&T Law Firm, is recognized for his competent handling of construction projects development and management, earning appreciation for his professionalism within the construction scene.

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