Top 10 Influential Private Wealth Law Lawyers in Alaska: 2023 Edition

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The state of Alaska is renowned for its diverse range of private wealth attorneys who have specialized knowledge and vast experience in private wealth law. This article illuminates the work of several talented individuals within the region who offer their assistance in an area of law that is primarily focused on financial planning, estate planning, tax implications, and wealth transfer. The attorneys listed below have an outstanding track record in assisting high net worth individuals manage their wealth through legal channels.

Private wealth law requires a deep understanding of finance, taxation laws, management, and the legal system’s intricacies. Lawyers specializing in this field must be well-versed in advising clients on estate planning, business transfer matters, tax planning, and administration matters. Below are some of the most distinguished lawyers in the field of private wealth law in Alaska, whose reputations precede them due to the impeccable advice, guidance, and legal representation they provide to their clients.

Here is a list of the outstanding private wealth attorneys that Alaska has to offer, along with a brief biography of their legal journey and their respective fields of expertise.

Ann Bruner

Ann Bruner is a part of the esteemed Durrell Law Group, PC. Her methodical and enlightened perspective has led her to become a highly smart and experienced attorney. It is her mastery in advising high net worth clients on estate planning and probate matters that sets her apart within the wealth law industry in Alaska.

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Stephen Greer

Stephen Greer, despite not having a firm website, has made a significant impact in the field of private wealth law. His expertise across trust and estate planning, administration, tax, and business transfer matters is highly regarded. The incredibly smart Greer is a long-time Alaska attorney.

Richard W. Hompesch

Known for his service in Hompesch & Evans, a Professional Corporation, Richard Hompesch is admired by industry insiders for his notable tax law knowledge. He is greatly respected in the Alaska estate planning community for his exceptional experience.

Abigail E. O’Connor

Abigail O’Connor from O’Connor Law LLC is commended for her excellent guidance on estate, tax, and trust planning matters. Market insiders admire her for her knowledge, efficiency, charm, and practical legal foresight.

William M. Pearson

William Pearson associated with Foley & Pearson, P.C. is applauded for his astute understanding and considerable experience in tax and estate planning and admin matters. Sources describe Pearson as highly regarded and very capable.

BethAnn B. Chapman

BethAnn Chapman is a highly competent attorney known for advising high net worth clients on wealth management matters. Her specialties include estate planning, trust administration, and business succession planning. Market insiders have grand respect for her, acknowledging her as experienced and a smart lawyer.

Jamie Delman

Jamie Delman from Shaftel Delman, LLC is known as one of the brightest minds in his field. His proficiency in areas like estate planning and trust-related matters is admired by insiders, who describe Delman as very smart and capable.

Steven T O’Hara

Steven O’Hara of O’Hara Tax Lawyer LLC specialises in estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer tax matters. Market insiders respect him for his knowledge and efficiency, describing him as a competent tax lawyer.

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Karl Iverson Kaufman

Karl Iverson Kaufman, a part of Landye Bennett Blumstein LLP, has extensive experience advising wealthy individuals and families on tax, trusts, probate, and charitable matters. His work with non-profit organizations has garnered him much praise from industry insiders.

Peter B. Brautigam

Peter Brautigam of Manley & Brautigam has earned an excellent reputation advising high net worth clients on various wealth management matters. His expertise includes tax and estate planning, trusts, and entity formation and structuring.

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