Top 10 Influential Private Wealth Disputes Lawyers in New York 2023

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The city of New York is home to some of the best Private Wealth Disputes lawyers in the country. These professionals work tirelessly on contentious issues, navigating the intricate legalities that surround high net worth individuals, families and fiduciary entities. They fight in high-stakes court battles regarding disputed wills, trusts, estates, guardianships, and more. We’ve detailed some of the most distinguished lawyers within the Private Wealth Disputes industry in this vibrant city. Their reputation doesn’t hinge solely on their legal acumen; the commendable personal qualities they possess contribute significantly to their standing within the industry.

As litigation involving personal wealth continues to rise, issues involving substantial family fortunes, inheritance battles and offshore trusts are becoming increasingly complex. These lawyers guide their clients through the labyrinth of these disputes, providing clear, pragmatic advice while always being prepared for a fight, should it become necessary.

They excel at understanding and navigating the often arcane rules and regulations that govern the disposition of an estate and are held in the highest regard by their clients and peers alike. Despite the contentious nature of their work, these lawyers are often praised for their ability to maintain a clear head, an intelligent approach and a straightforward style.

Brian Corrigan

An unsung hero at Farrell Fritz, P.C., Brian Corrigan is touted as an “up-and-coming star.” He is praised for his knowledge, practicality, and advocacy skills. Although the firm’s website is currently unavailable, Brian’s stellar performance in the Private Wealth Disputes space in New York remains unscathed.

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Bonnie Lynn Chmil

Hailing from the Katten law firm, Bonnie Lynn Chmil’s reputation precedes her. Known for her handling of fiduciary litigation, Bonnie’s litigation skills are second to none, with sources citing her talents as a go-to for contentious issues.

Neil V. Carbone

Another lawyer from Farrell Fritz, P.C., Neil Carbone is revered for advising high net worth clients, trust companies and fiduciaries on contentious private wealth matters. His combination of pleasant personality, practicality and intelligence have earned him immense respect in the industry.

Anne C. Bederka

Anne Bederka of Greenfield Stein & Senior LLP focuses on contentious matters such as probate proceedings, wills and trusts. Peers appreciate her for her encyclopedic knowledge, advocacy skills and her down-to-earth approach in dealing with her fellow attorneys.

Eric W. Penzer

Eric Penzer, a respected member of Farrell Fritz, P.C., extensively deals with contentious private wealth matters for high net worth clients. Interviewees commonly express their fondness for dealing with Penzer, commending his knowledge, approachability and conviction in representing his clients.

Harvey E. Corn

Greenfield Stein & Senior’s Harvey Corn is greatly admired for his work with high net worth clients on contentious trust and probate matters. His depth of legal knowledge and advocacy skills leave a lasting impression on clients and peers alike.

John J. Barnosky

John Barnosky represents Farrell Fritz, P.C. advising high net worth clientele on contested wills, trusts and tax disputes. Praised as one of the smartest individuals in the field, his experience resonates deeply with those in the industry.

John Morken

Specialising in probate proceedings and estate litigation, John Morken is another gem from Farrell Fritz, P.C. lauded as a great advocate for his clients. His intelligence and pragmatism have earned applause from many within the industry.

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Angelo Michael Grasso

Angelo Michael Grasso of Greenfield Stein & Senior LLP represents high net worth clients on contested trusts, wills, and estates. A seasoned lawyer, Angelo’s knowledge and client advocacy often receive high praise. He’s been singled out for his experience in guardianship matters, demonstrating his wide legal expertise.

Charles T. Scott

Charles Scott from Greenfield Stein & Senior LLP has an impressive history of work in contentious private client matters, representing wealthy individuals and various fiduciaries on trust and estate litigation. His deep knowledge of the law is commended by his peers, as is his excellent advocacy and practicality.

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