Top 10 Most Influential Litigation Lawyers in The South 2023 Explained

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In the realm of the legal profession, litigation lawyers play a critical role. These professionals are specifically trained to represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits. They manage every phase of litigation, from investigation, pleadings, and discovery to pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal. Today, we are pleased to highlight some of the distinguished litigation lawyers based in the South. Their expertise spans a wide array of commercial litigation, including contractual issues and shareholder disputes.

These dedicated lawyers not only offer expertise in handling a broad range of disputes but also add a uniquely southern flavor to their practice, creating a business environment that promotes fairness, diligence, and integrity. With this piece, we aim to give you a glance into the fascinating world of Southern Litigation Lawyers, showcasing their skills, knowledge, and dedication to the legal profession. All the lawyers mentioned in this piece have shown impressive aptitude in their field, striving towards excellence and leaving no stone unturned in providing the best legal services to their clients.

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or fellow legal professional looking to engage with a capable litigator, rest assured that the South houses many. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of some of the most exciting litigators working in the South today.

Kate Matthews: Boddy Matthews Solicitors

Kate Matthews offers deep experience in handling commercial disputes, particularly relating to contractual issues. Moreover, she navigates shareholder litigation with ease, marking her as a highly skilled practitioner in the litigation landscape of the South.

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Hannah Proctor: Cripps

Hannah Proctor is a formidable litigator at Cripps. Expertly tackling commercial and contractual disputes, including misfeasance claims against directors and breach of duty, her experience and competency certainly stand out in a challenging industry.

Joanna Ford: Cripps

Also at Cripps, Joanna Ford showcases tremendous expertise in multifaceted litigation, including shareholder, transactional and contractual disputes. Her profound understanding and practical approach make her one to watch in the industry.

Chris Evans: Lester Aldridge LLP

Chris Evans has a wide spectrum of experience in professional negligence actions, often advising clients on claims against solicitors and auditors. His work at Lester Aldridge underscores his unwavering commitment to his clients.

Andrew Quick: Stevens & Bolton LLP

Andrew Quick prides himself on his rich experience in commercial and corporate litigation, including contractual and franchising disputes. His work makes him an integral part of this impressive lineup.

Michael Frisby: Stevens & Bolton LLP

Michael Frisby handles an array of commercial litigation and is often involved in cross-border disputes. He offers advice for issues arising from corporate transactions as well as contractual matters.

Richard Cook: Trethowans LLP

Richard Cook is a seasoned litigator who regularly deals with contractual and shareholder disputes. Apart from these, he also handles disputes arising from transactions.

Jonathan Smart: Shoosmiths LLP

Jonathan Smart boasts wide-ranging expertise in commercial litigation, including breaches of contract and shareholder disputes. With active involvement in the IT and automotive sectors, he truly is a distinguished figure in the legal field.

Clive Lee: DMH Stallard LLP

Clive Lee has accumulated significant experience in commercial litigation, specifically distribution and contractual disputes. Representing both domestic and international companies across multiple industries, he stands as a versatile force in litigation.

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David G. Foster: Moore Barlow LLP

Head of dispute resolution and civil litigation at Moore Barlow, David Foster is known for offering sterling advice on contractual issues and insolvency disputes. With a strong reputation particularly in the hospitality and retail sectors, he finalizes our impressive roster of litigation lawyers in the South.

While diverse in their areas of expertise, all of these lawyers share common traits of perseverance, dedication, and intelligence – traits that allow them to excel in their field. Their ability to understand complex legal matters combined with their unwavering commitment highlights the strength of Southern litigation lawyers.

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