Top 10 Influential PRC Real Estate Lawyers Transforming China in 2023

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Real estate law in China is a rapidly developing sector due to the vast urbanisation and investments in the property market, both domestically and cross-borders. Finding a skilled real estate lawyer in this vast country can be an overwhelming task. However, in this article, we showcase and detail some of the best real estate lawyers from China’s PRC Firms, each demonstrating incredible prowess and a wealth of experience that makes them a top choice in the industry. They are specialists in handling large-scale projects, providing expert advice, and delivering unprecedented service to their clients with leading domestic and foreign investors and developers forming their reputable client profiles.

The highlighted legal practitioners have accumulated extensive experience with well-known firms, offering services ranging from real estate development and financing matters, real estate acquisitions and disposals, cross-border joint ventures, construction disputes, PPP matters and more. These individuals have demonstrated an exceptional understanding of this evolving industry and continue to perform exemplary in their respective fields.

We believe that this detailed list of proficient lawyers will make the process of selecting a competent lawyer for your real estate needs much easier. You are encouraged to visit the mentioned lawyer’s official websites for more detailed information about their expertise, related projects they’ve handled, and how to schedule consultations with them if required.

Maoyuan Zhu – Zhong Lun Law Firm

Maoyuan Zhu is renowned for his impressive track record in the real estate and construction spheres, with a speciality in managing large-scale projects. His extensive skills and experience remain a significant asset to the Zhong Lun Law Firm’s real estate service offering.

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Zhongchun Song – City Development Law Firm

Zhongchun Song is a versatile professional, advising on a wide range of matters that include PPP matters, real estate development, and financing. He is also adept at resolving construction disputes, making him an invaluable asset to the City Development Law Firm.

Tian Wang – Beijing Grandway Law Offices

Tian Wang aids investors with various real estate projects and is agile in managing cross-border joint ventures and acquisitions. His experience and skills are of enormous value to the Beijing Grandway Law Offices.

Shiwen Dong – Han Kun Law Offices

Shiwen Dong has a distinct reputation for dealing with real estate acquisitions and disposals, and his clientele includes both domestic and foreign developers and investors. He showcases his aptitude at Han Kun Law Offices, bringing global experiences to the firm.

Song Mu – Zhong Lun Law Firm

Song Mu is highly experienced in advising on real estate development projects and dealing with relevant compliance issues. His esteemed client list includes significant domestic developers and investors, cementing his position at the Zhong Lun Law Firm.

Ganghong Sun – DeHeng Law Offices

Ganghong Sun has notable experience in handling real estate, construction, and PPP mandates. He is frequently sought-after for his expertise in real estate development and litigations at DeHeng Law Offices.

Fusheng Fu – Jingtian & Gongcheng

Fusheng Fu is a seasoned professional, leading Jingtian & Gongcheng’s real estate team. His extensive experience covers handling real estate development and redevelopment projects.

Yuqin Xia – Zhonglun W&D Law Firm

Yuqin Xia possesses experience handling real estate transactions for domestic developers and is skilled in advising on various kinds of real estate development projects.

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Furong Deng – Zhong Lun Law Firm

Furong Deng co-heads Zhong Lun’s real estate and infrastructure team. Based in Shenzhen, he is considered an expert in handling real estate disputes regarding loans and land-use rights, as well as cross-border investments.

Yao Chen – Zhong Lun Law Firm

Yao Chen is recognised for her significant contribution to the real estate area. Based in Shanghai, Chen is regularly involved with the development of multi-functional real estate projects, contributing to her strong standing in the industry.

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