Top 10 Influential Employment & Labour Lawyers in Alberta in 2023

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Welcome to another exciting round-up of some of Alberta’s most noteworthy legal minds in the realm of Employment & Labour Law. These ten distinguished individuals are not only considered top-class attorneys, but are also lauded for their consummate legal knowledge, exceptional advisory expertise, and stellar representation. In the rapidly evolving field of employment and labour law, these seasoned attorneys embody the essence of legal acumen and dedication to their craft. Without further ado, we delve into their professional careers, achievements, and the distinct qualities that set them apart.

Employment and labour law has never been more crucial. In a post-Covid era, understanding the myriad intricacies of workplace regulations, human rights issues, and collective bargaining agreements has become of paramount importance. And there’s no-one better to navigate through these complexities than experienced practitioners of employment and labour law. From defending clients against wrongful dismissals to specializing in occupational health and safety matters, the following lawyers undoubtedly stand out in Alberta’s legal landscape.

Whether you are an employee battling against unjust practices, an employer seeking advice on delivering a fair and mutually beneficial work atmosphere, a budding lawyer inspiring to make your mark in the field, or someone simply intrigued by the dynamic facets of employment and labour law, this article promises a riveting rundown of Alberta’s crème de la crème of Employment & Labour attorneys:

Timothy Mitchell

Highlighted as a leading Calgary-based lawyer, Timothy Mitchell is a renowned figure in labour relations. Specialising in interest arbitrations, collective bargaining agreements, and human rights disputes, Mitchell boasts impeccable skills in practicality and litigation. Despite having no firm website for McLennan Ross LLP, his reputation in the industry is undisputed noteworthy.

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Shana Wolch

Shana Wolch, a competent practitioner at McCarthy Tétrault LLP, has been lauded for her exceptional service in Employment & Labour law. With a focus on M&A-related employment mandates, occupational health, and safety matters, she brings a practical yet innovative approach. Her website can be visited here.

Steve Eichler

An esteemed figure at Field Law, Steve Eichler‘s practice in Alberta includes administrative law and human rights issues in addition to employment-related work. His proficiency in occupational health and safety matters and drug and alcohol policy is widely acclaimed.

de Lobe Lederman

de Lobe Lederman at Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP is well-respected for his resourcefulness in resolving contentious issues, including wrongful dismissals. Known for his clear and understandable mode of explanation, Lederman’s website can be viewed here.

Frank Molnar KC

Operating from Calgary, Frank Molnar focuses on workplace human rights issues and education law. Working with Field Law, his remarkable expertise and experience can be explored through their website here.

Maxwell Brunette

Based in Calgary, Maxwell Brunette leads Gowling’s employment and labour team in Alberta and British Columbia where he is well-known for defending against human rights issues and wrongful dismissals. His commendable client management and advisory skills are evident on his firm website here.

Jean Torrens

Jean Torrens, a leading partner at MLT Aikins, stands out for her adeptness in counselling employers on collective bargaining, human rights claims, and termination matters. Her well-rounded expertise includes occupational health and safety, the use of recreational cannabis, and labour law.

Bob Graham

A rising star in Alberta’s legal sphere, Bob Graham at Burnet Duckworth & Palmer LLP is competent in handling matters related to terminations, downsizings, and workplace human rights issues. His legal acumen can be learned more about here.

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Christine Plante

Christine Plante of Bennett Jones LLP has made her mark in the law firm by tackling wrongful dismissal claims and human rights matters. Christine’s invaluable contributions can be viewed here.

Duncan Marsden

Last but not least is Duncan Marsden from Borden Ladner Gervais LLP. His comprehensive employment practice spans covering employee terminations and occupational health and safety matters. He is also no stranger to appearing before the courts to address alleged breaches of contract and privacy rights.

It’s clear that each of these practitioners has shaped and contributed significantly to Alberta’s Employment & Labour law landscape. Their stalwart commitment to their craft, unwavering dedication to their clients, and consistent delivery of excellent legal service makes them undeniably stand out among their peers. Here’s a toast to these virtuosos of Employment & Labour law!

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