Top 10 Influential Oil & Gas Lawyers Shaping Argentina’s Energy Landscape 2023

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Argentina, rich in energy and natural resources, has a highly dynamic legal landscape specializing in oil and gas sectors. With the industry’s constant evolution and the legal challenges it throws forth, many skilled lawyers dedicate their legal prowess to this niche. In this article, we focus on some of the highly recommended lawyers in Energy and Natural Resources: Oil and Gas practice in Argentina.

These attorneys not only possess a firm grasp of the technical and regulatory aspects in this field, but they have also built their reputation based on their consistent performance, commercial awareness, understanding of their client’s business needs, and their commitment to providing clear, practical and timely advice. Here is a showcase of these lawyers and their outstanding contributions to the field.

Before we delve into the individual profiles, we must note that these distinguished lawyers are not ranked in any specific order. Each one has distinctive qualities and experience that can cater to different client needs in the Oil and Gas industry.

Tomás Lanardonne

Tomás Lanardonne of Martinez de Hoz & Rueda is well-regarded for his creativity and strong technical knowledge in the Oil & Gas field. Clients commend him for being strategic with his advice.

Adolfo Durañona

Adolfo Durañona, a partner at Baker McKenzie, is recognized for his intimate knowledge of his client’s business and for providing advice that aligns with their needs. He is a favourite for complex matters in the industry.

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Nicolás Dilernia

Frequenting natural gas cases, Nicolás Dilernia from Bazan Cambré & Orts is well-versed in O&M, gas transportation, and natural gas sale agreements. He is regarded as a very capable and experienced lawyer.

Mario Jorge Orts

The seasoned practitioner, Mario Jorge Orts, also of Bazan Cambré & Orts, is greatly respected due to his unmatched experience in the Argentinian Oil & Gas industry.

Santiago Balbi

Santiago Balbi of Bruchou & Funes de Rioja is renowned for his high-quality service, commitment, and responsibility towards clients. He is admired for his timely and efficient advice.

Leandro Orts

Also from Bazan Cambré & Orts, Leandro Orts impresses with his practical and prompt advice. He is noted as a dynamic partner who continuously adds value to his clients’ work.

Pablo Javier Alliani

Pablo Javier Alliani of Bomchil is sought upon for his extensive knowledge in the Oil & Gas field, especially for advising on commercial agreements and dispute resolutions. His expertise extends to handling offshore bidding processes and public tender bids.

Francisco Javier Romano

Francisco Javier Romano of Pérez Alati, Grondona, Benites & Arntsen is widely respected for his significant legal knowledge combined with commercial acumen in the Oil & Gas sector. His advice is greatly appreciated by international investors.

Ezequiel Artola

A dynamic partner at Baker McKenzie, Ezequiel Artola stands out for his extensive knowledge of the Oil & Gas industry and is known for providing practical, clear advice while maintaining an excellent client service.

Uriel F O’Farrell

Finally, Uriel O’Farrell of O’Farrell is deemed an outstanding lawyer who heads the team at Estudio O’Farrell. He is recognized as a benchmark in the Argentinian law.

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Each of these attorneys brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a personalised approach to their practice, making them a valuable asset in Argentina’s Oil and Gas sector.

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