Top 10 Influential French Lawyers in Private Equity Buyouts in 2023

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The French legal scene is flourishing, with numerous lawyers specialising in Private Equity Buyouts and enhancing the trajectory of Management practices in the country. The field of Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs), where a company is acquired using a significant amount of borrowed money, is a niche and significant area of practice within Private Equity, and French lawyers have made their mark with commendable expertise and performance. Here, we are highlighting leading lawyers in this domain who are at the helm of intricate and complex transactional strategies.

Focusing on Leveraged Buyouts (LBOs) and advising Management entities on best practices, these lawyers have proved instrumental to many successful investment ventures. From pharmaceuticals to telecommunications, these lawyers come equipped to handle a vast range of sectors with impressive ease. They represent various Domestic and International clients, thereby extending their legal expertise across geographical boundaries.

But apart from their impressive repertoire, what sets these lawyers apart are their unique backgrounds, individual trajectories, and the distinctive way in which they approach each case. Let’s engage with the profiles of these lawyers, delving into their professional journeys and their considerable impact on the French Private Equity System.

Jérémie Jeausserand

Jérémie Jeausserand, a leading figure at Jeausserand Audouard, assists management teams with significant LBO transactions. With clients hailing from the pharmaceutical, transportation and technology sectors, Mr. Jeausserand offers potent advice, helped by his extensive experience and affinity towards up-to-date market trends.

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Isabelle Cheradame

Representing the esteemed law firm, Scotto Partners, Isabelle Cheradame shows her prowess by representing management teams across sectors like manufacturing to telecommunications. Her work portfolio includes a variety of LBOs of both, a domestic and multi-jurisdictional scope.

Jean-François Louit

At Gide Loyrette Nouel, Jean-François Louit’s work has gained high recognition for representation of management teams of both domestic and international corporate entities in high-stakes LBOs and structuring of management packages.

Nicolas Menard-Durand

Representing Fides Partners, Nicolas Menard-Durand brings his substantial experience into play to handle management teams in LBO transactions, regularly representing French and international clients.

Alexandre Dejardin

Alexandre Dejardin of Duroc Partners provides crucial advisement to management teams on LBO transactions. He also assists with domestic and cross-border mandates. Noteworthy is that he founded Duroc Partners in October 2022.

Pierre-Olivier Bernard

Having a focused approach towards LBOs on behalf of management teams, Pierre-Olivier Bernard of OPLEO Avocats comes with additional expertise in management package amendments.

Henri Pieyre de Mandiargues

At McDermott Will & Emery, Henri Pieyre de Mandiargues is known to represent management teams in LBO transactions, with his client base largely drawn from sectors such as healthcare, telecommunications and IT.

Lionel Scotto Le Massese

A favourite among management teams in high-end LBO transactions, Lionel Scotto Le Massese of Scotto Partners has a broad practice which spans the IT, healthcare and manufacturing sectors.

Carole Degonse

Also from Jeausserand Audouard, Carole Degonse provides invaluable assistance to management entities involved in LBO transactions. Her clientele is primarily from the telecommunications and retail sectors.

Claire Revol-Renié

Claire Revol-Renié from the Scotto Partners assists management teams with LBOs and refinancing mandates. Be it domestic or cross-border cases, she provides effective consults in both areas.

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