10 Most Influential Insurance Lawyers Shaping Chile’s Market in 2023

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The insurance industry is one of the most essential in Chile’s commercial landscape, crucial for managing risks and offering protection for individuals and businesses alike. This is a domain in which legal expertise is key, as professionals in the field need to navigate through complex claims, contracts, and disputes. While there are numerous lawyers in the country serving in this sector, this article recognizes the exceptional ones who have distinguished themselves and are highly regarded by colleagues, clients, and market observers.

This article focuses on a selection of ten remarkable insurance lawyers in Chile, representing prestigious legal firms and presiding over notable client portfolios. They not only possess deep and extensive knowledge of insurance law, business strategy, litigation, and arbitration but also stand out due to their ability to forge strong client relationships, understanding their needs, and providing innovative solutions.

These lawyers have repeatedly demonstrated their expertise and skills in the application of insurance law, further assisting companies in contentious and non-contentious mandates, garnering respect, and trust. Here is a look at each one of them:

Sergio Fernández – Vergara Fernandez Costa & Claro

Sergio Fernández captivates clients and colleagues with his unmatched capabilities in insurance law. Known for his ability to negotiate skilfully, he provides reliable services that have established him as a top-tier lawyer in Chile’s insurance market.

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Alejandro Acuña Murray – Acuña & Compañía Abogados

Alejandro Acuña Murray’s significant contributions to Chile’s insurance sector have earned him immense respect. Clients appreciate his prodigious experience in litigation and arbitration fields, coupled with commitment and valuable strategic insight in cases.

Manuel Carvallo – Estudio Carvallo

Manuel Carvallo is lauded for his innovative approach to insurance matters backed by his extensive knowledge in the field. His excellent client service, commercial awareness, and professional expertise consistently attract clients to his firm.

Marcelo Nasser – Pumpin, Dorfman, Nasser, Díaz y Cía

Marcelo Nasser’s expertise in conflict resolution and designing legal strategies make him a prime choice in the insurance field. He is known for his exemplary professionalism and sophisticated approach to insurance law.

Felipe Correa – Molina, Ríos Abogados

Felipe Correa’s multi-talented nature and mature legal skills have established him as a well-known lawyer in Chile’s insurance litigation sector. His commendable interpersonal skills further enhance his top-tier legal services.

Francisca Róman – Estudio Carvallo

Francisca Róman is celebrated for her outstanding responsiveness and deep insurance expertise. Her strong business acumen contributes to her status as an invaluable asset in the insurance legal market.

Gloria Claro – Vergara Fernandez Costa & Claro

Gloria Claro demonstrates a deep understanding of the insurance legal market. Her technical and legal knowledge, combined with her qualification and trustworthiness, have made her a reputable figure within the industry.

Andrés Amunátegui – DAC Beachcroft Chile

Andrés Amunátegui’s quick responses and ability to manage complex claims have earned him the admiration of clients. His commitment to resolving potential issues makes him an extremely helpful presence in Chile’s insurance sector.

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Matías Vergara – Carey

Matías Vergara’s deep knowledge of insurance law coupled with a global view of the market makes him an invaluable adviser. His market insights further enhance his reputation and legal capabilities.

Luis Cifuentes – Acuña & Compañía Abogados

Luis Cifuentes is highly appreciated for his flawless advisory services as well as his extraordinary litigation skills. As a founding partner, he has brought a unique perspective and proficiency to the firm, gaining recognition within the insurance market.

The insurance landscape of Chile is complemented by the extensive knowledge, innovativeness, and interpersonal skills of these esteemed lawyers. They will undoubtedly continue to contribute to the development of this sector and maintain their respective top-tier statuses.

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