Top 10 Influential Environment Lawyers Impacting China’s Legal System in 2023

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China, notorious for its pollution problems, has made vast strides in recent years in the implementation of environmental law, with a noticeable rise in the number of lawyers specialising in this field. Inevitably, these advancements have paved the way for esteemed PRC lawyers to make their mark by advocating for the environment within the wider business context. By accurately interpreting and enforcing environmental regulations, they play an instrumental role in environmental protection in the country. This article highlights remarkable lawyers in China who specialize in the realm of environmental law.

There is a myriad of environmental issues such as air and water pollution, waste disposal, and ecosystem preservation intertwining with the corporate world and hence the need for legal representation that resolves these complex areas. Skilled at handling both contentious and non-contentious matters, these legal practitioners help corporations, state bodies, and private companies in diverse ways, covering compliance matters, administrative lawsuits and public interest litigations, to name a few.

What stands out about these skilled professionals transcends their aptitude in environmental law. Their direct involvement in legislative processes and active roles in environmental committees underline their commitment to this evolving field. Below we’ve lined up ten such exemplary lawyers and their profiles to give you an idea of who these faces of environmental law advocacy are in China.

Haibo Li

Operating out of Winners Law Firm, Haibo Li is widely esteemed for his considerable experience in the environmental law sector. He is skilled at advising corporate clients on administrative law cases and has been instrumental in providing training to state bodies and private companies. Positioning him further in a prominent place is his knack for dealing with environmental matters and aligning them with the broader business context.

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Kun Zou

From Wuhan office of the Zhong Lun Law Firm, Kun Zou maintains a broad offering in the environmental law arena. She has been successful at handling compliance matters, administrative lawsuits, and public interest litigation, making her a sought-after legal expert in this field.

Saijun Zhou

Representing Tiantai Law Firm in Beijing, Zhou Saijun has extensively dealt with matters that pertain to environment protection. His influential roles extend as the director of the Environmental Resources and Energy Committee under All China Lawyers Association, enhancing his footprint in environmental law.

Guang Zhao

Guang Zhao of Anhui Gaosu Law Firm upholds a commendable practice in environmental law. Equipped with experience in handling civil and administrative lawsuits related to pollution and other environmental law violation issues, Zhao seamlessly fits as a crucial figure in this field of advocacy.

Guoqiang Chen

Residing in Capital Equity Legal Group in Hangzhou, Chen Guoqiang is skilled in transactional environmental work and environmental PPP projects. His capacity to provide advice on contentious issues makes him adept at handling diverse matters in environmental law.

Yulai Hu

Positioned in Beijing Huanming Law Firm, Hu Yulai focuses on contentious environmental law matters. Moreover, he is actively involved in the legislative process, strengthening his role as an influential figure in Chinese environmental law.

Jinzhong Shen

From Winners Law Firm, Shen Jinzhong provides a wide array of services in administrative litigation cases, compliance matters, and training on environmental law enforcement to government bodies and corporate clients. As a lecturer at Nankai University School of Law, Shen continues to share his extensive knowledge on environmental law.

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Jun Xia

Xia Jun, from Beijing Jingwen Law Firm, handles environmental public interest cases with a keen focus on water resources. His deep-seated knowledge in environmental law makes him an important player in this field.

Rongliang Wu

Wu Rongliang from Jin Mao Law Firm has distinguished himself with a broad practice in environmental law, advising on both non-contentious and contentious matters. Renowned for his expertise in dealing with environmental compliance issues and administrative lawsuits, he is skilled at navigating the complex terrains of environmental law.

Junbo Song

Junbo Song from DeHeng Law Offices‘ Jinan branch is known for his commendable knowledge of the environmental, social and governance law. Seamlessly blending legal proficiency with environmental advocacy, Song upholds a significant position within this context.

To conclude, these accomplished legal practitioners are instrumental in aligning business with environmental advocacy in China. Their continued efforts serve as an essential bridge between corporations, state bodies, and the environment, shaping the legal landscape in China’s march towards sustainable business practices.

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