10 Most Influential Brazilian Public Law Lawyers in 2023: Revealed

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The legal field is a broad arena teeming with various specialties and practices, each having their own respective experts. Among these, the field of public law particularly stands out due to its high-stakes nature which involves shaping policies, safeguarding public interests, and being steeped in complexities and intricacies of governance. In Brazil, this challenging area of expertise is bravely navigated by some of the country’s most esteemed lawyers. Below, let’s delve into the backgrounds and highlights of some of Brazil’s prominent public law lawyers.

From producing commendable legal insights to playing instrumental roles in landmark cases, these lawyers have helped to shape and influence the landscape of public law in the country. Their academic contributions, formidable skills, and extraordinary expertise cut them above the rest, making them notable figures in their respective firms and the sector as a whole.

The bar of public law practice remains high in Brazil, with these lawyers showcasing various areas of specialisation within the field. These include consultative mandates, matters concerning public concessions, litigation related to public law matters, and more. Each lawyer’s unique that strength adds to the richness of Brazil’s public law landscape, solidifying the country’s status as a powerhouse in this legal specialty.

Jacintho Arruda Câmara

Jacintho Arruda Câmara, a renowned lawyer at Sundfeld Advogados, is often praised for his exceptional knowledge and application in consultative mandates. His peers regard him as a remarkably adept jurist in the arena of public law.

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Floriano Peixoto de Azevedo Marques Neto

Floriano Peixoto de Azevedo Marques Neto, who co-heads the department at Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Sociedade de Advogados, is widely recognised for his extensive expertise and significant academic contributions in public law. His staunch client-base appreciates Floriano’s experience and respectability in navigating public law matters.

Carlos Ari Sundfeld

Public law authority Carlos Ari Sundfeld, a highly acclaimed partner at Sundfeld Advogados, is consistently admired by market observers. His insightful legal opinions and impactful contributions to the field make him a respected figure in the sector.

Alexandre Aroeira Salles

Alexandre Aroeira Salles of Aroeira Salles Advogados is renowned for his extraordinary litigation skills, especially before the Federal Court of Accounts. His expertise in negotiations of concession contracts makes him a trusted legal aid for concession holders and construction companies.

André Luiz Freire

Rising star André Luiz Freire, working with Mattos Filho, displays a profound understanding of administrative law and is instrumental in advising clients on PPP agreements and bidding processes.

Marcos Augusto Perez

Marcos Augusto Perez, co-head of the department at Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Sociedade de Advogados, is widely valued for his litigation capabilities in matters related to public law.

Giuseppe Giamundo Neto

Giuseppe Giamundo Neto, from Giamundo Neto Advogados, possesses great expertise in public law matters and is particularly valued by clients from the construction and infrastructure sectors.

Letícia Queiroz de Andrade

Letícia Queiroz de Andrade, affiliated with Queiroz Maluf Sociedade de Advogados, is recognized for her talent in advising toll road operators on public law concerns, particularly those that relate to their public concessions.

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Vera Monteiro

Vera Monteiro of Sundfeld Advogados is highly respected for her authoritative legal opinions in the sphere of public law and is often recognized as an excellent jurist.

Augusto Dal Pozzo

Augusto Dal Pozzo is a well-experienced practitioner recognized for his wide-reaching practice in public law. His intellectual prowess and good clientele base make him a key figure in the public law sector of Brazil.

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