Top 10 Influential Cuban Business Law Lawyers to Watch in 2023

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General Business Law forms one of the most fundamental aspects of the corporate sphere. Without ethical and transparent legal practices, businesses would likely step into the arenas of jeopardy and instability. Cuba, an island with a vibrant economy and flourishing business landscape, is home to some of the most experienced and skilled practitioners in the field of General Business Law. Let’s explore and know more about the commendable legal experts of the Cuban business sector.

This article takes you on a virtual journey, introducing you to the top-tier lawyers dominating the Cuban General Business Law sector. All these professionals not only have a widespread knowledge of the business’s legal nuances in Cuba but also an insightful understanding of international commercial regulations. Their expertise has inevitably made them the cornerstone of the Cuban Business Law ecosystem.

So, let’s delve into the profiles of these accomplished lawyers, who have been extensively praised by peers and have a record of providing efficient legal solutions for their clients. Here’s an in-depth look at their professional journey and areas of expertise.

Rodolfo Hernández Fernández

Known for his prowess in the field of mediatory resolution for the Cuban Court of International Commercial Arbitration, Rodolfo Hernández Fernández is a revered figure in the Cuban business law scenario. “He is one of the best legal experts in the country,” expresses a fellow peer, appraising his vast knowledge of foreign investments.

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Yanet Souto Fernández

A prominent mediator for the Cuban Court of International Commercial Arbitration, Yanet Souto Fernández is lauded for her comprehensive understanding of commercial law and foreign investment. A firm believer of intellectual property rights, she’s a reputed figure in international litigation.

Rodolfo Davalos

Rodolfo Davalos, a seasoned expert from Corte Cubana de Arbitraje Internacional, is a veritable institution in Cuban law. His extensive experience and iconic presence make him a highly recognized and influential figure in the arbitration sector.

Manuel Notario Robledo

Manuel Notario Robledo is celebrated for his profound financial capabilities and commanding legal opinions. A former employee of the Cuban Central Bank, Robledo takes pride in his rich expertise and acknowledged reputation in the market.

Odalys de la Caridad Alvarez Lima

Lauded for her broad advisory role in contentious mandates and spectacular proficiency in the law, Odalys de la Caridad Alvarez Lima has successfully advised some of the leading airlines and cruise liners.

Marylene Campanioni García

Marylene Campanioni García is sought after by foreign companies and individuals for her exceptional assistance in real estate and tourism mandates; she is commended by many for her superior counselling on investment ventures.

Marlene Roqueta Fernández

Marlene Roqueta Fernández of Consultores y Abogados Internacionales CONABI leverages her rich experience in advising an array of mandates in the hospitality and leisure sectors in Cuba, making her presence remarkably prominent.

Boris Florit Quero

With a well-entrenched practice advising clients on maritime law and other corporate mandates, Boris Florit Quero’s comprehensive expertise spans shipping, insurance, finance, aviation and biotechnology.

Lianet Toranzo

Newly ranked, Lianet Toranzo is rapidly distinguishing herself as a formidable presence in the Cuban legal market. Her dedicated work at Balsanyda & Asociados, combined with her commercial awareness and flexibility, have quickly earned her well-deserved recognition.

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Lenia Labarta

Lenia Labarta’s expertise in assisting international clients with insurance claims and charter party disputes makes her stand out. Armed with experience as an in-house lawyer at a leading Cuban shipping company, Labarta’s deep understanding and knowledge places her in high demand.

The vast expertise and commendable contributions of these professionals have left a significant mark on the Cuban legal landscape, particularly in the General Business Law industry. Their unswerving commitment to their craft serves as an exemplary testament to the growth and dynamism of the Cuban business sector.

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