Top 10 Influential Dispute Resolution Lawyers in Colombia 2023 Spotlight

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With an ever-evolving legal landscape as the backdrop, Colombia’s dispute resolution lawyers continually adapt and rise to the challenges of complex litigation and arbitration, proving themselves to be some of the best in Latin America. These legal professionals skillfully manage conflicts, ensuring optimal outcomes for clients in various industries. This article introduces several high-profile dispute resolution lawyers who demonstrate exceptional skill and provide great value to clients in their fields.

The reputation of a lawyer is critical, and these talented Colombian practitioners uphold theirs with great resolve. Their exceptional work in dispute resolution is widely recognized, and they continue to make their mark in various dispute resolution arenas. From shareholder disputes to complex commercial litigation, these lawyers offer unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions, navigating effectively through Colombia’s complex legal framework.

Capitalizing on impressive credentials, depth of experience, and stellar reputations, these outstanding lawyers have driven significant dispute resolution developments within the Colombian legal sphere. Their tenacity, profound legal knowledge, and ability to understand, interpret and apply law make them assets to their firms and clients. Let’s delve deeper into who these influential individuals are, their areas of specialism, and what makes them top players in the industry.

Estefania Ponce Durán

Firm: Posse Herrera Ruiz
Estefania Ponce Durán, a senior associate at Posse Herrera Ruiz, is admitted to practice in New York, France, and Colombia. Praised for her sharp intellect and quick comprehension of complex matters, Durán possesses a wealth of experience in international arbitration that benefits her clients greatly. “Estefania Ponce Durán is sharp and has shown the ability to quickly understand complex matters in short timeframes and respond to our requests in a timely fashion,” attests an interviewee.

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Alberto Acevedo Rehbein

Firm: Garrigues
Despite lacking a firm website for citation, Alberto Acevedo Rehbein makes his mark as the head of the dispute resolution department at Garrigues. His ability to simplify complex legal issues and solve problems with a pragmatic approach is greatly admired by clients.

Cristina Mejia Rivas

Firm: Baker McKenzie S.A.S.
Cristina Mejia Rivas, praised for her enthusiastic and dedicated approach to work, maintains her position in the Colombian dispute resolution rankings. Knowledgeable, commercially aware and experienced in the engineering sector, she is a rising force to be reckoned with.

Luis Felipe Botero Aristizábal

Firm: Botero Salazar Tobón & Abogados
Praised for his legal thoroughness, availability, and trustworthiness, Luis Felipe Botero Aristizábal is well respected within the construction industry in Colombia. Clients frequently opt for his services, reflecting trust in his deep legal knowledge.

Daniel Posse

Firm: Posse Herrera Ruiz
Known for leaving no stone unturned, star individual Daniel Posse is highly respected within the Colombian dispute resolution field. His extensive experience in international and Colombian litigation and his ability to solve legal issues make him a venerable figure in the industry.

Julio César González

Firm: Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría
Stepping up for clients across industries, Julio César González is a respected figure within Colombian commercial disputes including litigation and arbitration. As co-head of his department, he never fails to deliver excellent work products.

Ernesto Gamboa Morales

Firm: Gamboa Abogados
As head of his department, Ernesto Gamboa Morales demonstrates a robust presence within the Colombian dispute resolution field. His impressive approach inspires trust and admiration from both colleagues and clients.

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Felipe Piquero Villegas

Firm: Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos
Felipe Piquero Villegas is a co-head of department who represents clients in commercial litigation and arbitration comprehensively and competently. Clients cite his seasoned experience in the dispute resolution sector, which consistently reassures them of their legal defence.

Andrés Fernández de Soto

Firm: Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas
Andrés Fernández de Soto maintains his esteemed position within the Colombian litigation and arbitration sectors as the co-head of department. His active role in the dispute resolution arena is widely recognized and appreciated.

José Gutiérrez Mestre

Firm: Holland & Knight
José Gutiérrez Mestre delves into the Colombian dispute resolution realm with gusto, leading the litigation team and utilizing his experience and knowledge to beneficially handle a wide spectrum of cases. His debut into the rankings this year is an acknowledgement of his capabilities.

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