Top 10 Influential Corporate Lawyers Shaping Atlantic Canada’s Business in 2023

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In the ever-thriving world of business, there’s no doubt that lawyers play a critical role. They guide businesses through legal framework, ensuring they are abiding by the standards and regulations of their industry. Behind the success of each corporate transaction, merger, and acquisition, there’s a top-notch lawyer on the task. Today, we take a closer look at some of the top Corporate/Commercial lawyers based in Atlantic Canada, home to some of the country’s greatest legal minds.

Whether it’s maneuvering complex corporate transactions, providing expert insights on legal agreements, or structuring businesses for maximum efficiency and tax minimisation, these lawyers provide unparalleled expertise. Their rich experience and in-depth knowledge span various sectors, including technology, construction, healthcare, and oil and gas, to name a few.

Here, we provide a closer look at each of these accomplished lawyers. To appreciate their abilities and recognize their contributions, we’ve highlighted where they work, their respective area of expertise, and a brief glimpse into their impressive careers.

Kate Harris

Working at Patterson Law, Kate Harris is highly esteemed for her insights and knowledge in advising owner-manager clients on trusts, estate planning, business structuring, and tax minimisation. Her practice is situated in Halifax.

George White

Also based in Patterson Law, Halifax, is George White. He’s widely recognized for his focus on agrifood, forestry, industrial, and manufacturing clients, handling their M&A, joint ventures, corporate reorganizations, and shareholder agreements with adept precision.

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Maureen Ryan

Maureen Ryan is a highly skilled lawyer based in Saint John. With her role at Stewart McKelvey, she provides proficient advice on a broad range of M&A and commercial transactions in the construction, technology, and oil and gas sectors.

Suzan Frazer

Suzan Frazer is associated with McInnes Cooper. Based out of Halifax, she expertly handles a variety of securities and finance transactions for publicly listed companies, ranging from public offerings and private placements to M&A.

Lawrence Stordy KC

Delving into M&A deals at Stewart McKelvey, Lawrence Stordy KC, based in Halifax, has a wide base of clients. He also gives advice on transactional matters along with the day-to-day challenges facing companies, their boards, and shareholders.

Peter R. Forestell KC

Peter R. Forestell KC is a key player at Cox & Palmer. Based in Saint John, his practice provides counsel to leading domestic and international clients, advising on corporate reorganisations, share and asset transactions, and general corporate and commercial matters.

Kelsey Bingham

Kelsey Bingham of Bingham Law Droit handles corporate matters with proficiency. She’s frequently called upon to carry out negotiations involving acquisitions and dispositions.

Jeffrey Benson KC

Jeffrey Benson KC brings a wealth of experience to clients from various industries such as financial, healthcare, petrochemical, and transport. Serving as Newfoundland counsel, he offers advice on securities, M&A and health law.

Christine Pound

Based in Halifax, Christine Pound at Stewart McKelvey lends strategic, client-oriented advice on M&A transactions, shareholder agreements, and financings. Her clients span diverse sectors including construction, environmental services, and shipbuilding.

Jennifer Hamilton Upham

Jennifer Hamilton Upham of Patterson Law is a substantial player in mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. As the co-managing partner of the firm, she brings her rich expertise to the table for the benefit of her various clients.

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