Top 10 Most Influential Construction Lawyers in Colorado 2023: Navigating Complexities

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In Colorado, the construction industry is thriving, and with it, the requirement for astute legal advice. This brings into focus a cadre of expert construction lawyers distinguished by their experience, knowledge, and dedication to their clients’ interests. They are engrained within the complexities of Colorado’s construction law, providing invaluable counsel to a vast array of clients, from contractors and subcontractors to developers and lenders. Here are some of the most interesting construction lawyers in Colorado, their background, and their contributions to the legal field.

The role of a construction lawyer is multifaceted, with a broad range of complex and challenging areas to navigate. Handling diverse cases, from contentious construction disputes to contract negotiations, these lawyers offer a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry, law, and practice. Their ability to interpret both business and legal perspectives provides a balanced strategy towards conflicts, reducing risk, and solving legal hurdles that their clients often face.

In this article, we feature construction lawyers who excel in their area of specialization. Each lawyer is unique and brings a wealth of expertise to the construction law world. Here are their stories:

Michael Cook – Sherman & Howard L.L.C.

With an impressive record in contentious matters, which includes arbitration and mediation, Michael Cook of Sherman & Howard L.L.C stands as a seasoned lawyer in the construction industry. His well-rounded experience in the Colorado law scene has garnered him vast recognition.

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David Frommell – Beltzer Bangert & Gunnell LLP

Known for his deep understanding of creative legal options, David Frommell of Beltzer Bangert & Gunnell LLP is a highly respected litigator in construction disputes. Clients often describe him as an excellent lawyer who brings great value to their cases.

Sean Hanlon – Holland & Hart LLP

Sean Hanlon from Holland & Hart LLP is a highly regarded litigator with noted experience in handling complex construction disputes. His strategic thinking, client-centered approach, and aptitude in contract negotiation set him apart in the field.

William Meyer – Polsinelli PC

William Meyer is particularly called upon for his expertise in complex disputes, delay and defect allegations. Known for his acumen and business contextual understanding, he is considered a trusted partner by his clients.

Bret Gunnell – Beltzer Bangert & Gunnell LLP

At Beltzer Bangert & Gunnell LLP, Bret Gunnell is a well-established figure known for his proficiency in dispute resolution and contract negotiation. Colleagues and clients alike consider him ‘one of the best’ in the field.

Ben M Ochoa – Lewis Roca

Ben M Ochoa from Lewis Roca is well-regarded for his work with developers, contractors, and lenders. He’s gained significant litigation and transactional experience in both private and public construction projects. His prompt and reliable service earns him high praise from clients.

Alvin Cohen – Woods Aitken LLP

Alvin Cohen’s litigation and arbitration experience distinguishes him in Colorado’s construction law scene. His clientele often consists of contractors and subcontractors who benefit from his extensive knowledge and unconventional approach.

J David Arkell – Moye White LLP

David Arkell at Moye White LLP possesses deep experience in construction disputes and is respected for his prowess in arbitration and mediation. His extensive knowledge of law and its application to the construction business shines through in his work.

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Jonathan Pray – Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP

Lauded for his litigation experience on consequential issues, Jonathan Pray from Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP has advised developers and contractors in the most challenging of situations. His ability to devise a workable solution, regardless of the confrontation level, often makes him the first call on many client lists.

Joel Heusinger – Woods Aitken LLP

Joel Heusinger from Woods Aitken LLP is appreciated for his strategic insight and representation of contractors and subcontractors in litigation matters. His commonsensical approach towards dispute resolution, risk assessment, and honest legal advice has won him vast recognition and appreciation in the field.

When choosing a lawyer in the construction industry, client needs frequently vary. However, these professionals’ broad range of expertise, proven track records, and dedication make them notable figures in the Colorado law terrain and a valuable resource for anyone involved in the construction industry.

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