Top 10 Influential Corporate Lawyers Dominating Sabah’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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Sabah, a Malaysian state on the island of Borneo, is home to a host of skilled and experienced corporate/commercial legal practitioners. They serve a vast array of industries, helping businesses with legal matters such as contract negotiations, dispute resolution, legal compliance and risk management. They often work in law firms, providing critical services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, large corporations, and multinationals.

They handle cases in every conceivable area of corporate law, ranging from mergers and acquisitions (M&As) to intellectual property (IP) rights, bankruptcy procedures, corporate governance, and legal audits. Additionally, they offer litigation and arbitration services, working on complex cases and protecting their clients’ rights in court.

This article focuses on some of the top corporate/commercial lawyers in Sabah, showcasing their expertise and the value they offer to individuals and businesses. To this end, we include a list of their names, firms, bio, and links to their firm’s website (where available).

Alexander Decena

Name: Alexander Decena
Firm: Jayasuriya Kah & Co
Firm Website
Alexander Decena is a well-rounded lawyer with a busy practice in conveyancing and litigation. He has developed robust expertise in areas such as shipping and banking over the years.

David Fung

Name: David Fung
Firm: Alex Pang & Co
David Fung is a highly regarded litigator, celebrated for his work in civil matters and breach of contract cases. He represents clients efficiently, providing strategic advice and winning arguments.

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Alvin (Yin Yuan) Leong

Name: Alvin (Yin Yuan) Leong
Firm: Leong & Wong
Alvin Leong is a prominent practitioner, specialized in handling dispute resolution mandates. His expertise and understanding of the Sabah market make him a favourite among clients.

Roger Chin

Name: Roger Chin
Firm: Chin Lau Wong & Foo
Roger Chin brings ample expertise in Intellectual Property (IP) and frequently handles corporate and infrastructure mandates. His well-rounded approach proves beneficial for clients in various sectors.

Sarah Huang

Name: Sarah Huang
Firm: Lind Willie Wong & Chin
Sarah Huang is a highly respected legal professional, particularly in conveyancing cases. Her dedication and knack for the details set her apart in the Sabah legal community.

Colin Lau

Name: Colin Lau
Firm: Colin Lau & Co
Colin Lau is a leading litigator in Sabah, with substantial experience in handling appellate matters. He is exceptional at presenting compelling arguments and achieving favourable outcomes.

Jia Yi Tiong

Name: Jia Yi Tiong
Firm: Szetu & Co
Tiong Jia Yi is a well-known lawyer in Sabah’s market – recognized for her litigation practice and her stellar track record.

Norbert Yapp

Name: Norbert Yapp
Firm: Norbert Yapp & Associates
Norbert Yapp is a well-respected figure in Sabah’s legal community. He regularly represents clients in litigation and arbitration, often focusing on construction disputes.

Grace Chaw Hei Hei

Name: Grace Chaw Hei Hei
Firm: Grace Chaw & Co.
Grace Chaw Hei Hei has cultivated an active disputes practice, frequently representing clients in high court and appellate court cases, particularly involving shareholders, land, and construction.

Alexander (Kay Mian) Khoo

Name: Alexander (Kay Mian) Khoo
Firm: Peter Lo & Co
Perhaps best known for his work based in Sandakan, Alexander Khoo is a regarded legal professional who has made a distinct impact in the field of corporate law.

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