Top 10 Influential Clinical Negligence Lawyers Revolutionizing Yorkshire’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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The field of Clinical Negligence, particularly related to claimants, hosts a myriad of dedicated and experienced lawyers throughout Yorkshire. These attorneys, often well-regarded within their respective firms, help shed light on instances of medical mistakes, negligence, and malpractice across the medical industry. They act on behalf of the injured parties and their families, pursuing compensation for the avoidable harm delivered.

Whether you’re studying law or are a professional in the field needing to retain counsel, a thorough understanding of key players in the clinical negligence industry is critical. This article aims to provide an overarching view of some of the most skillful Claimant Clinical Negligence lawyers practicing in Yorkshire who have accumulated valuable experience and recognition.

Let’s delve into profiles of these lawyers, their specialties, experience, and the firms they belong to – an invaluable compass to navigate the complex field of Clinical Negligence in Yorkshire.

Janet Baker of Switalskis Solicitors

Janet Baker is a Clinical Negligence lawyer seasoned in the representation of claimants. She has a strong background in cases relating to cerebral palsy and has earned wide recognition for her expertise. She also has substantial case experience with suicide due to negligent care and issues regarding consent. Based in Yorkshire, Janet practices at Switalskis Solicitors.

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Sarah Coles of Irwin Mitchell

Sarah Coles, based in Yorkshire, is part of the acclaimed Irwin Mitchell firm. She holds extensive experience in amputation cases stemming from delayed diagnosis, along with brain and birth injuries. She regularly represents victims of negligent care, both in nursing homes and mental health establishments.

Tom Mather of Irwin Mitchell

Tom Mather is another standout lawyer from Irwin Mitchell, serving at their Sheffield office. Specialising in cases involving high-value spinal and severe brain injuries resulting from negligent care, he is a strong advocate for patients and their loved ones seeking justice.

Frank R Pinch of Stewarts

Frank R Pinch is a seasoned lawyer at Stewarts, possessing wide-ranging expertise in fatal cases linked to sepsis, catastrophic brain injuries, and delayed diagnosis including cancer-related cases. His proficiency in handling high-value, complex spinal cord injury claims is highly recognized within the field.

Rachelle E Mahapatra of Irwin Mitchell

Rachelle E Mahapatra displays adept knowledge in clinical negligence claims such as failed diagnoses, wrongful birth cases, and birth injuries. Well-established in the Leeds branch of Irwin Mitchell, she offers adept understanding of the complex issues surrounding clinical negligence.

Simon Minton of Minton Morrill Solicitors

Simon Minton heads the clinical negligence practice at Minton Morrill Solicitors, holding a wealth of expertise that spans complex, high-value cerebral palsy claims and other birth injuries. He also has a notable track record for fatal negligence cases related to diagnostic failures.

Anna Stacey of Irwin Mitchell

Anna Stacey is well-known for representing medical negligence cases linked to spinal injuries, brain injuries, and amputation claims. Based in the Sheffield office of Irwin Mitchell, her understanding of the complexity of clinical negligence cases is peerless.

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Rosie Charlton of Irwin Mitchell

Based in the Sheffield office of Irwin Mitchell, Rosie Charlton skillfully handles an array of clinical negligence concerns, advocating for both minors and adults. Her experience and dedication in the field make her an invaluable asset to the firm and her clients.

Christopher Noble of Switalskis Solicitors

Practicing at Switalskis Solicitors, Christopher Noble is well-versed in handling cases related to delayed diagnosis, catastrophic spinal injuries, and amputations. Noble’s expertise makes him a critical player in the field of clinical negligence in Yorkshire.

Sarah Tipton Walker of Switalskis Solicitors

Sarah Tipton Walker from Switalskis Solicitors specialises in claims related to cauda equina spinal injuries and strokes. Her tenacity and proficiency set her apart from others in her field, making her a respected clinical negligence lawyer in Yorkshire.

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