Highlighting Top 10 Global Arbitrators Dominating International Arbitration Market in 2023

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Arbitration, an increasingly preferred method of settling disputes in the global business market, is steadily gaining international prominence. Businesses around the world have increasingly relied on arbitration to resolve disputes away from court proceedings, which can often be lengthy and costly. This move has resulted in a significant surge in demand for knowledgeable and experienced arbitrator lawyers. Consequently, there has become a distinct cadre of select arbitrators, highly sought after and lauded for their work on highly complex and consequential matters. Among these globally recognized names, we spotlight a select number of top figures in the industry, lauded for their experience, diligence, and adept handling of complex cases.

Finding the right arbitrator can often be a daunting task for businesses who require someone well-versed in the complexities of their industry and capable of providing unbiased resolutions. These highly sought arbitrators possess the required comprehensive understanding of commercial law as well as the intricate nature of international arbitration. Having a highly skilled arbitrator can make all the difference in crucial rulings involving large sums of money, sensitive business information, or market-moving decisions. It is with this lens we delve into examining the esteemed arbitrators leading the global market today.

Through a careful evaluation of their arbitration prowess, arbitration victories, and recognition in the industry, we have distilled an impressive list of ten remarkable professionals who are at the forefront of international arbitration. Each of these internationally-focused arbitrators has delivered enormous value to their clients while simultaneously contributing significantly to the development of arbitration law. Allow us now to introduce the most in-demand arbitrators in the global market.

Alexis Mourre – MGC Arbitration

With no recorded firm website, Alexis Mourre has nevertheless carved out a desirable reputation in arbitrator circles. He has significant experience sitting on arbitral tribunals across Europe and Latin America, and his specialty lies in ICSID cases. His extensive knowledge and remarkability make him a reliable choice in International Arbitration

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Juan Fernández-Armesto – Armesto & Asociados

Juan Fernández-Armesto regularly undertakes complex investment treaty cases across Iberia and Latin America. His broad expertise also covers the resolution of construction disputes, particularly in the oil, gas, and infrastructure sectors.

Ian Glick KC – One Essex Court

Known as a distinguished figure in the arbitration space, Ian Glick KC has an impressive track record sitting on tribunals across Europe and Asia-Pacific. His outstanding arbitration abilities make him a sought-after choice in the international market.

Laurent Lévy – Lévy Kaufmann-Kohler

Laurent Lévy is a commanding presence in both Swiss and international circles. Known for his prowess in handling ICC and ICSID tribunals, Lévy maintains a significant influence in International Arbitration landscapes.

Bernard Hanotiau – Hanotiau & Van den Berg

Bernard Hanotiau is a well-regarded arbitrator with activity spans ranging across Europe, UK, and Asia-Pacific markets. With his considerable expertise, Hanotiau has established himself as a key practitioner for intricate international disputes.

Klaus Reichert – Brick Court Chambers

Regularly appointed as chair, party-nominated, and sole arbitrator in both the USA and Europe, Klaus Reichert possesses formidable experience from multiple cases managed by renowned institutions such as ICSID, ICC, LCIA, ICDR, and PCA.

John Beechey – Arbitration Chambers

John Beechey boasts extensive arbitrating experiences in the Asia-Pacific region. Skilled in handling disputes under varying rules such as ICC, ICSID, LCIA and SCIA, Beechey’s comprehensive experience makes him a coveted choice in the arbitration field.

Albert Jan Van den Berg – Hanotiau & Van den Berg

A leading name in arbitration, Albert Jan Van den Berg is renowned for his major contributions in facilitating commercial dispute resolutions under ICC, LCIA, and SCIA rules. His impressive prowess in arbitration makes him a first-class name in the field.

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Wolfgang Peter – Peter & Kim

Best known for his role as a member of arbitral tribunals on intricate commercial disputes, Wolfgang Peter has established a leading reputation in the industry. His adept handling of complex cases makes him a notable figure in the arbitration arena.

Lord Hoffmann KC – Brick Court Chambers

A highly esteemed figure within the field, Lord Hoffmann KC is regularly appointed to sit on tribunals overseeing proceedings held under various rules such as ICC, SIAC and LCIA. Hoffmann possesses extensive experience in matters of public international law and investment treaty disputes, further cementing his status as a top choice in the field.

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