Top 10 Influential Aviation Lawyers Revolutionising India’s Airspace in 2023

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India is home to some of the most respected Aviation lawyers in the world, contributing to the growth and smooth functioning of the country’s aviation sector. These lawyers not only play a significant role in navigating through the regulatory landscapes but also advise on crucial financing, leasing, aircraft repossession, and other intricate matters. They possess the experience and skills required to meet industry challenges and facilitate the successful execution of complex deals. Here, we profile a selection of India’s top aviation lawyers.

Nimish Vakil

Nimish Vakil is a leading figure in the aviation legal sector working with Tyabji Dayabhai in Mumbai. His expertise in advising financiers and lessors on a wide range of aviation deals is highly recognized. Vakil’s broad experience in aircraft repossessions makes him a go-to advisor in this area. His dedication and intricate understanding of the sector have earned him respect among peers.

Rustam J Gagrat

Rustam J Gagrat is a senior partner in the Mumbai office of Gagrats. He is known for his extensive experience representing Indian airlines. His deep knowledge of the aviation industry and adept handling of legal issues make him a preferred choice among clients and a respected figure in the aviation law community.

Vihang Virkar

Vihang Virkar represents Lumiere Law Partners, a Mumbai-based law firm. His clientele ranges from airlines to lessors whom he represents in financing, leasing, aircraft repossession, and regulatory issues. His proven expertise has enabled him to establish a significant reputation as an aviation attorney.

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Ravi Nath

As the managing partner of Rajinder Narain & Co, Ravi Nath is one of India’s top aviation lawyers based in Delhi. Leading international lessors rely on his proven experience for financing and repossession of aircraft. Nath also advocates judicial developments in the aviation sector, further solidifying his importance in the field.

Ajay Kumar

Ajay Kumar is an esteemed lawyer, known for his finance practice in the aviation industry. Kumar’s portfolio includes refinancings, sale and leaseback deals, aircraft repossessions, and aircraft financings, testifying his expert handling of financial matters in the aviation sector.

Dhruv Khanna

Mumbai-based Dhruv Khanna is a key member of Wadia Ghandy & Co’s aviation team and is recognized for his aviation financing practice. Through his representation of international lessors in leasing transactions, Khanna has derived significant respect in the field.

Rishiraj Baruah

Rishiraj Baruah is a senior associate at AZB & Partners in Mumbai with expertise in aircraft finance and airline insolvencies. His knowledge and proficiency in dealing with complex aviation law matters have earned him significant recognition in the industry.

Anirudh Rastogi

At Ikigai Law, Anirudh Rastogi leads the practice from the New Delhi office while focusing on assisting innovative enterprises. His advice is sought-after in various sub-sectors of the technology industry, bearing testament to his versatility.

Marylou Bilawala

Marylou Bilawala heads the aviation law department at Mumbai’s Wadia Ghandy & Co. Her prowess in representing leading lessors and banks in aviation finance deals is highly respected throughout the industry. Bilawala’s expertise in aircraft repossessions is also widely acknowledged in the community.

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Nitin Sarin

Nitin Sarin, based in Chandigarh, is a well-known figure for his understanding of Cape Town Convention regulations and his proficiency in financings, leasings, and aircraft repossessions in India. Working with Sarin & Co, he is celebrated in the legal community for his depth of knowledge.

These top-notch aviation lawyers are playing a pivotal role in driving the aviation industry forward. They bring their extensive knowledge and experience to navigate complex legal terrains, manage risks, and aid organizations in seamless transformations in the aviation sphere. When dealing with the intricate aspects of aviation law, their contributions are incomparable.

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