Top 10 Most Influential International Trade/WTO Lawyers in Mexico 2023

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In the interconnection of global economies, international trade lawyers play a key role in navigating complex trade agreements, managing customs issues, and ensuring organizations’ compliance with international trade laws. Considering the significance of these legal professionals in the context of global commerce, we examine some prominent International Trade/WTO Lawyers in Mexico who have shown expertise in their field. These lawyers are masters of their craft, demonstrating exceptional legal acumen and strategic capabilities to deliver favorable outcomes for their clients in the realm of international trade law.

The World Trade Organization (WTO), given its mandate to regulate international trade and ensure its fair and free functioning, is a critical setting in which these lawyers operate. While the work of these lawyers often bridges many diverse areas of law, their expertise in WTO rules and procedures positions them as adept handlers of disputes involving international commercial issues. Furthermore, these lawyers also specialize in national laws pertaining to trade and customs, solidifying their status as critical assets to any organization operating internationally.

Covering a blend of established authorities and rising stars within this legal area, let’s delve into a detailed overview of some intriguing figures within the realm of International Trade law in Mexico. We’ll examine their professional background, contributions to their firm, and applauding remarks from clients and colleagues alike to understand their impact on this specialized field.

Alexis Michel

Alexis Michel from the A. Michel firm is recognized for his prowess in demystifying complex matters, making them easily comprehensible. Praised for his positive can-do attitude and clear, targeted advice, Michel heads the international trade department of A. Michel, an International Trade/WTO law firm.

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Sergio Barajas

Sergio Barajas, the head of department at Basham, Ringe y Correa S.C., has carved a solid footprint in international trade matters, particularly in verification of origin matters and customs audits. Known for his technical knowledge and expertise in administrative audit procedures, clients highly recommend Sergio.

Mario Valencia

Mario Valencia, The co-head of department at Galicia Abogados, is receiving accolades for his professional acumen in international trade law. Valencia is appreciated by clients for simplifying matters and ensuring a thorough understanding of the case.

David Hurtado Badiola

David Hurtado Badiola from Jáuregui y Del Valle, S.C. is commended for his exceptional skills – particularly in anti-dumping mandates. As the head of the department, he advises domestic and international clients about international trade laws. His responsiveness and accessibility are often highlighted by clients.

Eduardo David Garcia

Eduardo David Garcia from EC Rubio is known for assisting international clients with trade remedies, free trade agreement consulting and rules of origin clarifications. Based in Mexico City, Garcia has carved a niche for himself in the industry.

Horacio A. López-Portillo

Horacio López-Portillo of López Portillo Consultores, S.C., with his exceptional acumen, is recognized for his substantial work in anti-dumping mandates. An interviewee noted his remarkable capability of assessing the broader picture and the granular legal aspects simultaneously.

M. Jorge Yáñez V.

M. Jorge Yáñez V. from Hogan Lovells, with his extensive experience and responsive nature, handles cases related to the IMMEX programme in Mexico, including matters related to anti-dumping.

Adriana Ibarra Fernández

Adriana Ibarra Fernández of Baker McKenzie is known for handling a range of customs and international free trade mandates in Mexico, including verifications of origin. Clients appreciate her ability to break down complex regulations in a simpler, easy-to-understand manner.

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Luis Miguel Jiménez

Luis Miguel Jiménez, the department head at Von Wobeser y Sierra, SC specializes in customs audits and trade remedies. He is recognized for providing thorough, practical, and timely advice in customs and tax matters.

Fernando Holguin Casas

Fernando Holguin Casas, a practitioner based in Ciudad Juarez is the co-head of the international trade department at EC Rubio. He specializes in customs matters, audits, and provides legal advice to companies in the IMMEX programme.

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