Top 10 Indian International Trade Lawyers Shaping Global Dealings in 2023

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In today’s globally interconnected economy, international trade lawyers play an invaluable role, ensuring the smooth movement of goods and services across borders, upholding the integrity of trade agreements and navigating intricate regulatory landscapes. A distinct group of professionals in this sphere stands out in India, offering unparalleled service and commitment in dealing with complex trade issues. Here, we cast the spotlight on some of the most fascinating International Trade lawyers currently practicing in India.

These trade law experts are at the helm of some of the most prominent law firms in the country, highly skilled in handling disputes before international tribunals, advising on anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations, and guiding foreign exporters and government entities alike. Let’s delve into the background of these exceptional lawyers, their areas of expertise, and their unique contributions to the field of international trade law in India.

Below we introduce ten of India’s leading international trade lawyers, curated to equip readers with insights into the kind of work they undertake, their professional accomplishments, and their firms’ information.

Jitendra Singh

Associated with the APJ-SLG Law Offices, Jitendra Singh is a highly regarded figure in international trade disputes. He is an experienced handler of court cases and has developed a reputation for his expertise in this intricately complex field. Singh continues to provide legal assistance across India, contributing significantly to the International Trade industry.

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Dhruv Gupta

Part of the Lumiere Law Partners in New Delhi, Dhruv Gupta regularly represents foreign exporters on anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations. His expertise covers industries such as steel, textile, and petrochemicals, making him a versatile and highly sought-after professional.

Ashish Chandra

Working with DSK Legal, Ashish Chandra is known for his high activity on behalf of the Indian government and foreign exporters in WTO disputes and anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations. His work is a reflection of the International Trade industry’s evolving legal landscape in India.

Seetharaman Sampath

Seetharaman Sampath of Sarvada Legal is a stalwart on the Indian international trade scene, particularly known for defusing potentially contentious trade matters, and handling anti-dumping issues with tact and expediency.

Anuradha R V

Anuradha R V, part of the team at Clarus Law Associates New Delhi, offers advice across the full range of trade remedy issues. Particularly noteworthy is her work on behalf of government entities, highlighting her ability to successfully navigate the complexities of International Trade law.

Sharad Bhansali

Also associated with the APJ-SLG Law Offices, Sharad Bhansali is known for his expertise in trade remedies issues. His in-depth knowledge stems from his extensive in-house experience with India’s Customs Department and the Ministry of Commerce.

Parthsarathi Jha

Parthsarathi Jha, an upcoming partner at Economic Laws Practice, represents foreign producers and exporters, as well as government authorities, in bilateral agreements and WTO laws. His proficiency in handling anti-dumping investigations and WTO disputes sets him apart.

Reena Khair

Reena Khair of Kochhar & Co. is highly recommended by clients for handling trade remedy investigations and anti-dumping and safeguard duty law for large corporates. She has developed her expertise over the years, earning a respected position in the rankings of International Trade lawyers in India.

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Sanjay Notani

Sanjay Notani, co-head of the practice at Economic Laws Practice based in Mumbai, is widely known for handling anti-dumping investigations and WTO disputes. Additionally, he assists clients in procuring export licenses, further consolidating his position in the International Trade industry.

Shiraz Patodia

Shiraz Patodia of Dua Associates has substantial experience in dispute resolution. Her reputation precedes her as she skillfully handles a breadth of litigation and represents clients before the High Courts and Supreme Court.

India’s international trade lawyers are making substantial contributions in a highly globalized and complex economic environment. Their expertise, commitment, and unwavering dedication underscore their pivotal role in India’s international trade landscape.

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