Top 10 Exceptional Charities Lawyers in Australia: A 2023 Outlook

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In the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of Australia’s charity and not-for-profit sector, the role of quality legal advice cannot be overstated. Professionals who understand the unique challenges faced by charity organisations are indispensable. This article presents a selection of Australia’s leading charity lawyers, bringing to light the exceptional work they carry out in areas such as compliance, governance, taxation, and more. These individuals not only provide expert advice to their clients but contribute significantly to the wider charity and not-for-profit industry.

While some may think of lawyers in terms of courtroom battles and corporate deals, these charity lawyers often work quietly behind the scenes, providing vital support to organisations that contribute so much to society. Their work encompasses a wide range of legal disciplines – from tax law to trust law, all contributing to ensuring charities operate effectively, efficiently, and within the law. Let us highlight some of these outstanding legal professionals below.

Firm links have been provided where possible for easy reference. Use these links to get directly in touch with any of the legal professionals should your charity require their specialised support and expertise.

Vera Visevic

Vera Visevic, serving at Mills Oakley, is a revered figure in the Australian charities and not-for-profit sector. With over 25 years of experience, she specializes in compliance, governance, and taxation matters. Based in Australia, Visevic has no available website for her firm.

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Bill d’Apice

Another prominent player in the charity circle is Bill d’Apice of Makinson & d’Apice. He is well-respected, particularly for his work with Catholic and other religious charities, though his firm does not have an available website. His expertise in the area is widely acknowledged.

Luke Geary

Luke Geary of Mills Oakley is highly esteemed for dealing with contentious issues that impact charities and other NFPs. Like his colleagues, Geary’s firm also does not have an available website.

Joey Borensztajn

Joey Borensztajn is a commercial lawyer at Arnold Bloch Leibler. He operates across various branches of the charities and not-for-profit sector, with specific expertise in taxation, trusts, and philanthropy.

Jae Yang

Working at CHARITAS LAW, Jae Yang is recognized for his work in the charities and not-for-profit space. He offers valuable advice on charitable status registrations, restructurings, compliance, and tax concessions.

Jon Cheung

Also at Prolegis Lawyers, Jon Cheung assists clients in the charities and not-for-profit sector in addressing a variety of governance and operational concerns.

Hannah Rose

Hannah Rose, at For Purpose Advisory, guides charities, not-for-profits, and social enterprises on critical establishment, structuring, governance, and compliance matters. Her firm does not have an available website.

Darren Fittler

Darren Fittler heads the Charities + Social sector at Gilbert + Tobin. He plays a significant role in key mandates across the sector’s full spectrum of operations and is based in Sydney.

Matthew Turnour

Matthew Turnour of Neumann & Turnour offers advice on a wide range of issues concerning the charity and not-for-profit sector, including structuring, taxation, and commercial questions, though his firm does not have an available website.

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Alice Macdougall

Alice Macdougall leads the practice at Herbert Smith Freehills‘ Melbourne office. She advises on charity-related matters across the board, with specific expertise on taxation issues impacting the sector.

In conclusion, these are just some of Australia’s top charity lawyers who are making a difference in the charity and not-for-profit sector with their immense knowledge and experience. Never underestimate the impact a skilled lawyer can contribute to ensuring that charities can fully concentrate on making a positive change in our society.

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