Top 10 Impactful Public Law Attorneys in Mexico: 2023 Edition

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Public Law in Mexico has been experiencing a great percentage of evolution over recent years. The landscape of this specialized area of law continues to evolve, and there are several influential lawyers whose excellence in service and dedication in administrative litigation has been instrumental in shaping the public law landscape in this fascinating country. Here, we take a closer look at some of the highly esteemed Public Law lawyers in Mexico.

These are the lawyers who are influencing changes, handling complicated administrative litigation cases, and consistently staying ahead of the game by anticipating legal issues before they arise. Earning due respect from clients and peers alike, their work makes them revered figures in their respective industries. Their expertise in interpreting and applying the law truly sets them apart from their contemporaries.

Despite the fascinating differences in their professional experiences, there is one common thing that binds them together – an unflinching commitment to serving their clients in Public Law. Let’s meet these noteworthy Public Law lawyers of Mexico who are leading by example.

Juan Pablo Estrada Michel

Juan Pablo Estrada Michel is an active partner of López Melih y Estrada. He is notably renowned for his solid practice of advising clients on contentious competition mandates. An experienced professional in his field, Juan Pablo remains an integral figure in Public Law in Mexico.

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Ismael Reyes Retana Tello

Ismael Reyes Retana Tello showcases his expertise in the TMT litigation sphere. His active presence in representing clients in TMT disputes earns him great respect in the sphere of Public Law.

Pilar Galvan

Up-and-coming partner Pilar Galvan has carved a unique place in the field of administrative litigation proceedings in Mexico. Recognized as a valuable specialist for injunction processes, her proactive attitude and consistent updates make her a significant figure in the industry.

Sergio Sánchez Curiel

Sergio Sánchez Curiel of Sánchez Curiel Abogados is highly recommended for his administrative litigation mandates. His technical abilities and deep commitment make him a notably hands-on lawyer in Mexico’s Public Law landscape.

Federico Martens Alva

Federico Martens Alva of Martens Abogados showcases strong capabilities in administrative litigation. Known for his diligence and in-depth knowledge, his valuable and effective advice has cemented his place as one of the best lawyers in Mexico.

Rodrigo Buj García

Rodrigo Buj García offers expert knowledge in administrative litigation. Esteemed for his vast knowledge of the law and sharp business acumen, Rodrigo Buj constantly keeps himself updated with the latest development in Public Law.

Javier Mijangos

Javier Mijangos of Mijangos y González is notable for his robust foothold in Mexico’s Public Law sphere. Specialising in administrative litigation matters, he has a strong reputation for supporting clients with amparo lawsuits.

Andrés Bonett

Andrés Bonett owns a notable endorsement for his public law practice in Mexico. The accomplished lawyer is often praised for his astute knowledge of administrative law.

Daniel Amezquita Diaz

Partner Daniel Amezquita Diaz is commended by onlookers for his robust public law and administrative litigation practice. Quick in understanding problems and capable of providing effective solutions, Daniel Amezquita stands as one of the best references in the field of governmental acquisition regime in Mexico.

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Joselino Morales Lopez

Joselino Morales Lopez, a partner at Greenberg Traurig, is recognized for his expertise in handling administrative litigation matters. His attentiveness, responsibility, and a great sense of urgency make him a highly sought after lawyer in Mexico’s Public Law Industry.

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