Top 10 Dispute Resolution Lawyers in Malta Shaping 2023’s Legal Landscape

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Undeniably, Malta has notable and experienced lawyers in the sphere of Dispute Resolution. This area of law involves parties seeking out methods of resolving their disagreement, rather than resorting to litigation. Lately, it has seen significant growth due to the crop of skilled lawyers who have not only built their reputation over the years but have also made a remarkable contribution to this field. Let’s introduce you to some of these exceptionally talented Dispute Resolution lawyers who play a pivotal role in resolving numerous commercial, financial, employment and real estate disputes.

Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta offers a melting pot of legal expertise with lawyers that bring international exposure and home-grown insight. As a law hub, Malta’s legal scene continues to gather momentum, boasting some of the best dispute resolution lawyers. This special feature presents a look at these profound legal minds, bringing you closer to the individuals that make Malta’s dispute resolution sector formidable.

Staying true to the maxim ‘Justice delayed is justice denied,’ dispute resolution in Malta runs on the wheels of seasoned Lawyers who leave no stone unturned in bringing timely and efficient justice to their clients. This article provides an in-depth overview of the lawyers who are shaping the landscape of Dispute Resolution within the jurisdiction of Malta.

Louis Cassar Pullicino

Louis Cassar Pullicino happens to be a prominent figure in Malta’s litigation arena. Working for Ganado Advocates, he possesses excellent expertise in commercial disputes and insolvency proceedings. Pullicino’s proficient representation extends to claimants in criminal litigation.

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Mark Refalo

With a reputation that commands respect, Mark Refalo of Refalo Advocates is a distinguished lawyer who regularly represents clients in commercial and insurance conflicts, plus fraud claims.

Ian Refalo

Also a part of Refalo Advocates, Ian Refalo is a seasoned lawyer who possesses vast experience in representing clients in financial sector disputes and debt recovery proceedings.

Marisa Vella

Marisa Vella is one of Malta’s influential litigators associated with Camilleri Preziosi. Her forte includes handling commercial disputes, real estate litigation and employment proceedings. She also skilfully represents clients in construction litigation and arbitration proceedings.

Frank B Testa

Based in Mamo TCV – Advocates, Frank Testa assists clients with real estate and financial conflicts, including credit recovery claims. His expertise also spans international arbitration and white-collar crime proceedings.

John Refalo

Another prominent face from Refalo Advocates, John Refalo, is a distinguished lawyer known to efficiently advise clients on shareholder disputes and extensively represents them in financial sector litigation and insolvency proceedings. His field of activity also extends to the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

Edward DeBono

Currently practising with Fenech & Fenech Advocates, Edward DeBono is impressive in his representation of clients in real estate disputes and high-value defamation cases.

Karl Briffa

Employed with GVZH Advocates, Karl Briffa stands out with his vast experience in employment law. He also efficiently handles cases of financial law disputes, international arbitration and procurement litigation.

Joseph Camilleri

Joseph Camilleri, a shining star of Mamo TCV – Advocates, is a leading litigation lawyer in Malta. His unparalleled representation in commercial and financial disputes and real estate litigation places him among the best.

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Henri Mizzi, an established lawyer, is widely recognised as a reputable independent arbitrator and mediator in Malta. Despite not having a firm’s website, his work speaks volumes.

These are some of the luminaries defining Dispute Resolution in Malta. Each one stands as a pillar in the world of law, setting standards and reflecting the ever-growing stature of Malta’s Dispute Resolution stature. Their tireless efforts in seeking justice through swift resolution of conflicts have undoubtedly changed the face of Dispute Resolution in Malta.

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