Sun, Sand, and Start-ups: A Design Powerhouse Expands Its Reach to the Mediterranean’s Hottest Tech Hub

The convergence of creativity and business innovation: a leading European design and development studio advances into Barcelona's thriving tech and start-up ecosystem.

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Key Takeaways

  • A globally recognized design and development studio is strengthening its European foothold with a new office in Barcelona, marking its fifth location.
  • Barcelona’s robust start-up ecosystem and an innovative culture was instrumental in the decision, indicating the importance of regional dynamics in global business expansion strategies.
  • The new office, headed by experienced personnel from the company, also welcomes fresh talent, signaling a mix of familiarity and novelty in the organization’s growth plan.

Bakken & Bæck: Establishing Roots in Barcelona: The Next Big Step

Renowned for its strategic approach to business growth and development, the globally acclaimed design and development studio recently unveiled its fifth European location in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain. This decision aligns with the organization’s consistent expansion trajectory, following successful establishments in Amsterdam, London, Bonn, and Oslo – its birthplace.

The new office finds its home in Barcelona’s innovation district, 22@, a buzzing tech and design hub that shelters over 1,500 start-ups and avant-garde companies. This location choice illustrates the strategic symbiosis of the organization’s aspirations and the city’s dynamic, innovation-focused ecosystem.

Why Barcelona? An Examination of the City’s Pull Factors

The city of Barcelona, with its strong foothold in sectors like e-commerce, software development, fintech, cybersecurity, and smart cities, offers an invaluable network of potential partnerships. This thriving business environment coupled with the city’s booming start-up economy, in which a third are working specifically with AI and big data, rendered it an ideal choice for expansion.

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Moreover, Barcelona’s vibrant creative scene, basking in Mediterranean sunlight, provided the perfect setting for the design studio’s new office. The blend of culture, creativity, and a robust tech economy makes it a compelling choice for enterprises looking to expand their European footprint.

The Leaders of the New Frontier: A Blend of Familiarity and Freshness

The new office’s leadership comprises a mix of seasoned company employees and talented new recruits. Art director Valerie Steenhaut, who boasts a solid two-year stint with the company and experience with the architecture and interiors firm Mesura, takes the helm at the Barcelona office.

Accompanying her are creative head Anita Silva, designer Mar Ginot Blanco, and product designer Joan Pablo Farre, each bringing valuable experience from the company’s Amsterdam and Oslo offices. The team also welcomes fresh faces like Elina Nilsson, a product manager joining from B-Reel, and Maddie Willis, the new head of communications, formerly from Apartamento Publishing.

This strategic mix of old and new signifies the organization’s balanced approach to growth – merging the familiar with the fresh, preserving its core values while inviting new perspectives.

The Next Chapter: Expectations and Anticipations

The Barcelona move signifies a strategic milestone in the studio’s growth story, hinting at an increasing focus on areas with booming tech and start-up scenes. As the company navigates its future, the recent development highlights its adaptive approach to change and its constant pursuit of synergies between its operations and regional growth hotspots.

This development serves as an inspiration for other enterprises considering international expansion, emphasizing the importance of aligning business strategies with regional dynamics, and securing a blend of familiar and fresh talent.

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As the organization continues its global pursuit, all eyes are set on Barcelona, anticipating how the sun-soaked Mediterranean city will fuel the company’s creativity, innovation, and growth in the coming years. Whether it’s the start-up economy, the thriving tech scene, or the city’s inherent creativity, Barcelona offers an exciting blend of business and innovation – a catalyst for the design powerhouse’s bright future.


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