Biotech Trailblazer Bolsters Team to Pioneer Next Wave of Sustainability Revolution

The game-changing biotechnology startup, ÄIO, is boosting its innovative team with the addition of two seasoned professionals in biotech and sustainability.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. ÄIO, a groundbreaking biotechnology startup, welcomes two new team members to accelerate its sustainable product development mission.
  2. New team members, Gaia Manfro and Tommaso Tagliani, bring unique expertise in cutting-edge biotechnological approaches and sustainable bioprocesses, strengthening ÄIO’s position as an industry leader.
  3. The company focuses on revolutionizing the food and cosmetics industries by developing healthy, reliable microbial alternatives to unsustainable products like palm oil and animal fats.

Boosting Biotechnology Expertise

Estonian biotechnology startup ÄIO, celebrated for its innovative approach to sustainable product development, has enriched its talented team with the addition of two seasoned professionals in biotech and sustainability. These new team members will lend their considerable expertise to ÄIO’s mission of revolutionizing sectors like food and cosmetics with environmentally friendly alternatives.

New Additions, Fresh Perspectives

Nemailla Bonturi and Petri-Jaan Lahtvee, the co-founders of ÄIO, expressed their enthusiasm about the new additions to their team. Lahtvee believes that biotechnology has tremendous potential to address the challenges plaguing the food and cosmetics industries, and ÄIO is committed to leveraging this potential to foster greener, more sustainable practices.

Gaia Manfro: Harnessing Biotechnological Advances

One of the new team members, Gaia Manfro, is a molecular and industrial biotechnology expert. With her academic achievements and practical experience in the industry, including her association with the esteemed National Research Council of Milan, Manfro strengthens ÄIO’s capacity for innovative solutions. Her focus on strain development and testing new side streams as a research engineer will amplify ÄIO’s capabilities in the biotechnological sphere.

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Tommaso Tagliani: The Sustainability Maestro

Complementing Manfro’s skill set, Tommaso Tagliani’s expertise lies in sustainable bioprocesses, systems, and synthetic biology. An Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s degree holder in biology and chemical engineering, Tagliani will contribute to enhancing ÄIO’s strain engineering platform. His focus on the optimization and automation of bioprocesses underlines his dedication to sustainable development.

Reshaping Industries, One Microbe at a Time

ÄIO is primarily focused on transforming the food and cosmetics industries by replacing unsustainable elements like palm oil and animal fats with high-quality microbial alternatives. The goal is to provide solutions for feeding the growing global population by maximizing the value of byproducts and side streams throughout the agri-food chain.

A Vision for a Sustainable Future

The addition of Manfro and Tagliani is a reflection of ÄIO’s commitment to shaping a more sustainable future. Their collective experience and passion are closely aligned with ÄIO’s vision and mission, and their influence is expected to accelerate the company’s progress towards its ambitious goals.


As ÄIO continues to blaze the trail in sustainable product development, the inclusion of these two new team members signals an exciting phase of growth for the company. With their shared commitment to driving positive change in sectors like food and cosmetics, ÄIO is primed to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the biotechnology industry.

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