Streaming Revolution: Major Digital Ad Leader Partners with Groundbreaking New Platform!

"Innovative Partnership Set to Transform Digital Content Creation and Streaming Landscape

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Ocean Outdoor, digital out of home media specialists, has announced a partnership with the new and disruptive video streaming platform
  2. The partnership aims to provide national visibility for across major UK cities, leveraging Ocean Outdoor’s iconic advertising spaces.
  3. offers creators an unprecedented 80% revenue share, with rapid payment processing within 24 hours of content streaming.

A New Era in Digital Streaming

In a significant development for the digital media industry, Ocean Outdoor, a global leader in digital out-of-home media, has announced a multi-year partnership with the innovative streaming platform, This partnership is poised to reshape the digital content creation and streaming landscape, offering a fairer deal for music creators and artists.

Democratizing Content Creation is on a mission to revolutionize the content creation industry. The platform is designed to empower artists, allowing them to retain a higher proportion of the revenue generated from their work. This new alliance with Ocean Outdoor is set to further enhance’s impact, bringing a paradigm shift in how content creators are supported and rewarded.

A New Revenue Model for Creators

One of the most groundbreaking aspects of is its revenue model for creators. The platform offers an unprecedented 80% share of streaming income to its creators, with a rapid payment system that processes income within 24 hours of content streaming. This approach is a significant departure from traditional streaming platforms, offering a more equitable and transparent earning model for artists.

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Expanding Reach and Visibility

The partnership with Ocean Outdoor is a strategic move to expand the reach and visibility of across the UK. Ocean Outdoor, known for managing iconic advertising spaces like the Piccadilly lights and BFI IMAX, will support in getting their content seen nationwide. The collaboration includes exciting outdoor activations in major cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Edinburgh.

Leveraging Premier Advertising Spaces

Ocean Outdoor’s extensive network of premier advertising spaces will play a crucial role in promoting’s content and mission. These high-visibility locations are expected to significantly increase awareness and engagement with the streaming platform, providing a unique opportunity for creators to showcase their work to a broader audience.

The Platform: A Hub for Interactive Content is not just another streaming service; it’s a platform that allows creators to share exclusive content with fans through live interactive and video-on-demand streaming. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no additional equipment beyond a phone or webcam. It offers access to partner venues equipped with professional cameras and streaming infrastructure, making high-quality content creation accessible to all.

Backed by Industry Leaders has garnered significant industry support, with backing from global music mogul Simon Cowell and iconic musician Prince’s former manager Kiran Sharma, among others. This backing underscores the platform’s potential to make a lasting impact in the streaming industry.

Ocean Outdoor: Supporting Innovation

Stephen Joseph, COO and CFO at Ocean Outdoor, expressed his excitement about the partnership: “We are thrilled to partner with, a disruptive force in the streaming industry… We believe that artists own their art and should be fairly compensated. We are excited to be involved in’s mission to revolutionize the sector.”

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Scott Green, Co-Founder and CEO, highlighted the significance of this partnership: “Partnering with Ocean Outdoor marks a pivotal moment for… This partnership signifies a powerful collaboration that amplifies our mission to empower creators, ensuring they receive a greater share of revenues as quickly as possible.”

Conclusion: A Step Towards a Fairer Future

The collaboration between Ocean Outdoor and represents a significant step towards a more equitable and sustainable future for digital content creators. By providing creators with a substantial share of revenues and offering them national visibility, this partnership stands to redefine the norms of the digital streaming and advertising industries.

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