Unleash Your English Potential: Wall Street English’s Groundbreaking Speak+ Revolution

Transforming Language Learning: The Rise of Wall Street English's Speak+ Program

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Key Takeaways:

  • Wall Street English introduces Speak+, a revolutionary online speaking practice product aimed at enhancing English fluency.
  • Speak+ offers flexible, intensive speaking classes in an English-only environment, leveraging Zoom’s Video SDK for enhanced learning experiences.
  • With expert teachers and diverse subscription options, Speak+ caters to learners of all proficiency levels, providing a dynamic and immersive learning environment.

In a landmark development poised to redefine language learning, Wall Street English, the global leader in hybrid English language education, unveils Speak+, an innovative online speaking practice solution designed to empower learners to master spoken English with confidence and fluency.

Empowering English Fluency: The Birth of Speak+

Wall Street English’s Speak+ marks a significant leap forward in language education, offering learners a dynamic platform to hone their speaking skills in a flexible and immersive environment. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and expert instruction, Speak+ complements Wall Street English’s renowned blending learning method, providing learners with unparalleled opportunities to engage with the English language like never before.

Zoom-Powered Learning: A Seamless Experience

Leveraging a strategic partnership with Zoom and its Video SDK, Wall Street English introduces an upgraded video-based classroom experience within Speak+, enriching the learning journey with high-quality audio and video capabilities. This collaboration enables students to engage with teachers and peers from across the globe seamlessly, fostering a collaborative and interactive learning environment that transcends geographical boundaries.

A Tailored Learning Experience: Customized Subscriptions for Every Learner

With Speak+, learners can customize their learning experience through flexible subscription options tailored to their individual needs and preferences. From intensive sessions with native-level teachers to a diverse range of class topics spanning elementary to advanced levels, Speak+ offers a comprehensive learning ecosystem designed to accommodate learners at every stage of their language journey.

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James McGowan, CEO of Wall Street English, expresses, “We are proud to be bringing to English practice the same rigor and focus on student outcomes as we have already done for learning for the last fifty years. Students can practice in a fun and intuitive approach that feels closer to a high intensity gym workout than a traditional class.”

Pioneering Innovation: A Vision for the Future

Wall Street English remains committed to delivering best-in-class language education to learners worldwide, driven by a culture of innovation and excellence. With Speak+, the company continues to push the boundaries of online language learning, investing in product development and model refinement to ensure a superior learning experience that meets the evolving needs of learners in an increasingly connected world.

For more details and to embark on your language journey with Speak+, visit Wall Street English Speak+.


Editor Notes Speak+ is available in early release in a limited number of markets. To find out more visit Wall Street English Speak+.

About Wall Street English Wall Street English is the leading provider in hybrid English language education with over 350 learning centers in 35 territories across the globe. Since its foundation 1972, it has provided tuition to over three million adults with over a million classes delivered every year through its language centers and digital classroom. Follow Wall Street English on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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