Spotlight on Top 10 Influential Private Wealth Law Lawyers in Singapore 2023

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In the thriving world of private wealth law, exceptional lawyers play a pivotal role in helping high net worth individuals navigate the complexities of legal, financial, and estate matters. The Singapore legal scene is known for housing some of the finest talents in the industry, offering clients unparalleled experience, knowledge, and personalized service. Here, we showcase a few of such standout figures who have left their imprint on the private wealth law industry due to their exceptional talent and dedication.

These distinguished lawyers specialize in areas including trusts and wills, business succession planning, and tax. They are well-versed in intricate cross-border estate and taxation planning matters, with the ability to offer clients tailor-made solutions for protecting and growing their wealth. Their reputations of high-quality and timely service even in the pandemic times, proficiency in legal and tax aspects, and ability to manage private wealth disputes effectively, make them the top choices in Singapore law circles.

BusinessToday.News delves into the world of private wealth law, showcasing some of the most skilled, experienced, and personable lawyers in this field in Singapore. Equipped with vast industry experience, these professionals earn the trust and respect of their clients not only with their knowledge in the law, but also through their commitment to offering tailored, customer-focused advice that suit the clients’ unique needs.

Kurt G Rademacher

Kurt Rademacher is affiliated with Butler Snow LLP. Known as a very down-to-earth, honest, and knowledgeable lawyer, Rademacher specializes in cross-border US estate and taxation planning matters.

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Stacy Choong

Stacy Choong from Withers KhattarWong is a seasoned lawyer who advises on trusts and wills for high net worth clients. Choong also handles tax in relation to charitable foundations and business succession planning.

Valerie Wu

At Pinsent Masons MPillay LLP, Valerie Wu delivers exceptional service that has garnered praise from clients. Wu focuses on tax and family office work.

Su Mei Ban

Su Mei Ban of GSM Law LLP is highly recognized for her technical strength in the market. Besides handling legal and tax aspects, she also covers wills and conveyancing, making her a well-rounded asset to her clients.

Dawn Quek

From Baker McKenzie Wong & Leow, Dawn Quek provides experienced, open and amenable legal advice to high net worth individuals and families, both in Singapore and internationally, on tax planning strategies.

Kia Meng Loh

Kia Meng Loh of Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP, stands out for his knowledge and competence in private wealth disputes in addition to estate planning.

Connie Kong

Connie Kong, from Withers KhattarWong, shines in cross-border estate planning matters between Singapore and the U.S. She’s known for her fast, efficient, and detail-oriented service.

Fernando Gandioli

Fernando Gandioli from Withers KhattarWong is commended for his ability to plan and think outside the box in U.S. estate and tax planning matters. He stands out with his clever client interactions and clear, patient advice.

John Shoemaker

John Shoemaker of Butler Snow LLP has a knack for encapsulating dry and convoluted content in a way that is simple to understand, specializing in tax and estate planning matters.

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David Chee

David Chee of WongPartnership LLP serves high net worth clients with a focus on wealth and succession planning matters. His services and knowledge earn him an excellent reputation in his field.

Through their dedication, experience, and exceptional skills, these lawyers have made a significant impact in the field of private wealth law in Singapore, standing at the front of a dynamic and rapidly evolving industry.

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