Spotlight on Top 10 Influential New Zealand Real Estate Lawyers 2023

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The legal landscape in New Zealand is a dynamic and diverse arena, with a plethora of experienced and respected practitioners in various fields of law. Real estate law is no exception to this, encompassing a legion of highly proficient professionals who have earned their reputation through tireless advocacy, strategic legal maneuvering, and myriad successful transactions. Here are some worth highlighting:

Real estate law pertains to a myriad of legal matters concerning properties, including but not limited to acquisition, disposition, development, and leasing. The real estate lawyers we are about to profile, specialize in these areas, and have built up unique careers that have helped shape the industry’s landscape in New Zealand.

These experts are recognized for their adept handling of delicate and complex matters, their rich-spectrum of clientele reflects their versatility and proficiency. Let us introduce you to these prominent figures who are truly making a mark in real estate law.

Jane Holland

A leading figure at Bell Gully, Jane Holland is recognized for her experience in handling acquisitions, disposals, developments and leasings. Her work has earned her a commendable reputation in the New Zealand real estate industry.

Bill Sandston

Bill Sandston operates as a consultant in Chapman Tripp’s Auckland office, and has earned respect for assisting clients on the acquisition and development of commercial and retail projects. Learn more about him on the Chapman Tripp site.

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David Chisnall

David Chisnall, a seasoned practitioner based in Wellington and associated with Bell Gully, is known for his deep understanding of commercial property issues. His vast experience includes actively assisting clients in relation to development and redevelopment projects.

Joe Biddles

Housing an impressive clientele that includes investment and property groups, Joe Biddles of Thompson Blackie Biddles is often called upon to provide his services on developments, capital transactions and leasing issues.

Michael Wood

Simpson Grierson’s Michael Wood has earned himself a respected position in the market as a go-to for government clients, frequently acting in relation to developments, urban renewal and infrastructure projects.

Karl Anderson

Karl Anderson, based in Auckland and representing Bell Gully, boasts a high level of expertise in commercial property transactions including acquisitions, disposals, developments and leasing.

Ish Fraser

Ish Fraser of Dentons Kensington Swan frequently acts for clients on property acquisitions, disposals and leasings. Based in the Wellington office, you can learn more about him on the Dentons Kensington Swan site.

Mark Nicholson

Mark Nicholson of Chapman Tripp in Auckland advises property groups and developers on high-value transactions and large commercial developments. His work has been a significant contribution to the New Zealand real estate industry.

Gregory Allen

Gregory Allen of Simpson Grierson regularly acts on large infrastructure projects, showcasing a particular wealth of experience in forestry, farm and land acquisitions. His portfolio also includes overseas investment matters, raising his profile in the industry.

Scott Ratuki

Scott Ratuki is a commercial real estate lawyer whose expertise stands out in property construction and development. Representing Tompkins Wake, his proficiency is notable in his successful professional career.

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In summary, these are the formidable figures operating in New Zealand’s dynamic real estate law industry. Each has garnered respect through dedication, strategic navigation of the legal landscape, and upholding the values of their respective firms. Their stories serve as an inspiration for upcoming real estate lawyers and they continue to make a tangible difference in this industry.

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