Top 10 Outstanding Peruvian Power Lawyers Shaping Energy & Natural Resources 2023

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In Peru, the Energy and Natural Resources sector is fraught with complexities that require the adept navigational skills of seasoned legal professionals. Power law is a niche yet critical area of expertise where understanding of regulation, sustainability and commercial practicality must coalesce. Here, we illuminate the diverse array of exceptional legal talents in this specific arena in Peru. These power lawyers are innovating, leveraging knowledge and ideating solutions within the intricate landscape of Peruvian power law.

They are the go-to professionals within their individual firms, providing unrivalled expertise, trusted representation and pragmatic advice to their clients. Driven by an impressive reserve of industry knowledge and a dogged commitment to their practice, they are the sparkling beacons illuminating the path for developments in Peru’s energy and natural resources sector.

These industry trailblazers are contributing significantly to shaping the legal narrative within the power sector in Peru, establishing benchmarks and carving out new paths for others to follow. Let’s delve into their impressive profiles and understand precisely what sets them apart.

Abel Venero – Santiváñez Abogados

Abel Venero is an associate-to-watch, having cultivated a unique understanding of the Peruvian power sector. He is lauded by industry insiders for his steadfast work ethic and years of vital experience in the sector.

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Evelyn López – Hernández & Cía.

Evelyn López stands out with her detailed, technical and analytical approach to power regulation. Her deep understanding of the workings of the electric system in Peru makes her a standout associate.

Verónica Sattler – Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados

Verónica Sattler is lauded for her substantial contribution to the Peruvian power sector. Her knack for complex problem-solving and her commitment to being available for clients is commendable.

Brendan Oviedo – Hernández & Cía.

Brendan Oviedo is seen as a vital player in both the renewable energy and power sectors in Peru, lauded for his role as president of the Renewable Energy Association in Peru and his impressive aptitude for staying informed on evolving regulations.

Pedro Morales – Miranda & Amado Abogados

Pedro Morales has honed his skills in the sector, with an ability to offer timely, pertinent advice, making him an associate-to-watch.

Roberto J Santiváñez Seminario – Santiváñez Abogados

Pre-eminent partner Roberto Santiváñez Seminario boasts a strategic vision and deep understanding of the Peruvian energy market. His high-level commercial awareness sets him apart in this field.

Mayra Aguirre – Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados

Mayra Aguirre is a promising associate boasting formidable market recognition, particularly for her vast knowledge of the Peruvian electricity sector.

Héctor Quispe – UL Energía e Infraestructura

Héctor Quispe is a rising partner known for his specialised energy expertise and his knack for proffering excellent advice on complex matters.

Ricardo Leyva Flores – UL Energía e Infraestructura

Ricardo Leyva Flores commands respect for his far-reaching knowledge of legal and regulatory issues in Peru’s energy sector.

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Paul Súmar – Santiváñez Abogados

Noteworthy partner Paul Súmar demonstrates a formidable presence in the Peruvian power sphere, consistently impressing clients with his professional skills and commitment.

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