Spotlight on Top 10 Influential Crime Lawyers in London Bar, 2023

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London’s legal scene boasts an array of talented Crime Lawyers renowned nationally and internationally for their expertise and achievements in the field. Their experience spans various industries, and their skills are used in dealing with complex cases involving fraud, terrorism, cybercrime, among others. These lawyers are giants in their sphere and have navigated some of the most high-profile cases in recent years. Let’s delve more into the illustrious profiles of these London-based Crime Lawyers.

Henry Blaxland KC

Henry Blaxland KC of the renowned Garden Court Chambers is a leading figure in the realms of terrorism, fraud, and appellate work. Known for his knowledge of human rights issues, Henry is regularly sought out for his expertise. He is particularly skilled in handling cases that have a human rights dimension, such as protest rights.

Tim Moloney KC

Tim Moloney KC stationed at Doughty Street Chambers, is one of the most distinguished protest law barristers in the country. His extensive experience and legal insights have made him an expert in representing individuals in high-profile appeals concerning aggravated trespass and public nuisance.

Patrick Gibbs KC

Based at 3 Raymond Buildings, Patrick Gibbs KC specialises in high-stakes police disciplinary cases, where he typically defends officers. He was notably instructed for forces in matters such as the Manchester Arena Inquiry.

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Gillian Jones KC

Gillian Jones KC of the Red Lion Chambers has built a reputation for herself acting in significant murder and sexual assault cases. Jones has extensive experience with handling complex computer evidence in cybercrime cases and has worked extensively with vulnerable defendants and witnesses.

Clare Montgomery KC

Clare Montgomery KC stationed at Matrix Chambers, boasts a multi-jurisdictional criminal and civil practice. Clare handles complex disputes effortlessly, and her work often has an international perspective.

Brian O’Neill KC

Brian O’Neill KC, from 2 Hare Court, is deemed a powerful advocate in both prosecution and defence work. His expertise extends to a range of criminal matters, and his rigorous manner sets him apart in demanding and complex cases.

Richard Whittam KC

Also at Matrix Chambers, Richard Whittam KC is highly respected for his unwavering tenacity, superior work ethic, and exceptional jury advocacy skills. A leading prosecutor, Richard has been involved in several significant cases, including those involving terrorism and allegations of historic sexual abuse.

Jonathan Laidlaw KC

Established at 2 Hare Court is Jonathan Laidlaw KC, an experienced criminal and regulatory legal expert. Jonathan is frequently called upon in important inquests and public inquiries, showcasing his extensive experience with health and safety matters.

Tom Little KC

Tom Little KC of Deka Chambers is a highly respected prosecutor with considerable experience managing terrorism, historic sex abuse, murder cases, and matters of public importance. Tom has often been appointed as an amicus curiae in the Court of Appeal to offer guidance on complex issues.

Ben FitzGerald KC

Ben FitzGerald KC at QEB Hollis Whiteman has deep experience traversing the full spectrum of criminal cases. He acts both as a prosecuting and defending counsel and has been involved in many high-profile criminal matters, including murder cases.

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These Crime Lawyers reflect the complex and dynamic nature of the legal profession – they represent the best of what London’s bar has to offer and have served as a beacon for emerging talents over the years. Their dedication, expertise, and distinguished service continue to reverberate through London’s legal landscape and beyond.

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