Spotlight on 10 Most Influential Antitrust Lawyers in Colombia, 2023

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In the ever-evolving business landscape, competition law plays a pivotal role to ensure a level playing field among market players. With increased emphasis on antitrust enforcement worldwide, businesses need to turn towards skilled legal practitioners who have an in-depth understanding of these complex dynamics. In this light, we turn our focus to Colombia, celebrating some of the brilliantly talented antitrust lawyers who have carved a niche for themselves in this domain. These lawyers have not only served as competent guides and allies to their clients but have also shaped the contours of competition law in Colombia.

It is worth stating that competition law in Colombia, as in any country, is a multifaceted discipline that involves a myriad of factors. It is a field where theoretical knowledge synchronises with practical aptitude to bring about informed decisions. The ten featured lawyers stand out owing to the expertise, experience, innovative approach and commitment they bring to the table. Let us delve deeper into their individual profiles.

While the profiles presented showcase the competence and depth of each lawyer, it also reminds us of the immense contribution each of them has made in the evolution of competition law in Colombia. So, without further ado, let’s delve in!

Jairo Rubio Escobar

Jairo Rubio Escobar from Rubio Escobar Abogados Consultores is celebrated for his experience in aiding Colombian firms with their antitrust mandates, bolstered by his previous tenure as Superintendent of Industry and Commerce. A peer notes: “Jairo Rubio Escobar is a former superintendent and very knowledgeable of the competition market.”

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Pablo Márquez

An asset to ECIJA, Pablo Márquez’s extensive experience in advising litigation proceedings before the SIC and assisting with regulatory competition issues in Colombia stands noteworthy. An insider denotes: “Pablo Márquez is a great practitioner, and he has great expertise. He is very good at competition issues, and is very technical.”

Felipe Serrano

With a robust reputation in the competition market, Felipe Serrano of Serrano Martinez stands out for his proficiency in handling a variety of antitrust-related mandates in Colombia. Clients laud his smart, efficient and risk-aware strategies, as well as his deep knowledge of law and economics.

Carlos Esguerra

Carlos Esguerra from Bermúdez & Esguerra Abogados is a rising star, earning applause for his deep knowledge in the competition field. A client emphasizes: “Carlos Esguerra is always very accurate in his responses, which shows a deep knowledge in the competition field.”

Jorge Jaeckel Kovács

Jorge Jaeckel Kovács of Jaeckel/Montoya Abogados has amassed a wealth of experience assisting high-profile clients with investigations and sanctions related interactions with the SIC. Clients appreciate his comprehensive advice and professionalism.

Daniel Beltrán

Highly competent in handling merger control procedures, unfair competition claims and SIC investigations, Daniel Beltrán of Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos stands as an essential asset to the firm. An interviewee highlights: “Daniel Beltrán is very passionate about the details, which is a great asset.”

Alejandro Acevedo

A rising associate at Garrigues, Alejandro Acevedo is commended for his strong knowledge in antitrust, consumer legislation, and his understanding of client needs. “Alejandro Acevedo is a great professional who has strong knowledge in antitrust and consumer legislation, and who understands our needs.”

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Gabriel Ibarra Pardo

With long-standing experience in the Colombian competition sector, Gabriel Ibarra Pardo of Ibarra Abogados Rimon Law is revered for his integrated advice and client-focused approach.

Alfonso Miranda Londoño

Renowned for his significant contributions to the antitrust practice area, Alfonso Miranda Londoño of Esguerra Asesores Jurídicos is appreciated for his clear, timely and convincing advice.

María Carolina Pardo Cuéllar

A formidable figure in the antitrust field, María Carolina Pardo Cuéllar of Baker McKenzie S.A.S. is lauded for her decisiveness, responsiveness, knowledge and adaptability in advising high-profile merger control procedures.

In conclusion, these lawyers reflect the best in Colombian antitrust law – possessing not only the expertise and experience but also the commitment and creativeness to steer their clients deftly through the labyrinth of competition law. Their profiles further underline the importance and dynamism of this specialized area of law, thus promising to inspire future generations of lawyers.

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