Top 10 Most Influential Dispute Resolution: Arbitration Lawyers in Peru 2023

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The legal field is filled with exceptional individuals who stand out in their respective specialties. One such speciality that demands thorough knowledge and a distinct set of skills is dispute resolution through arbitration. Here, we showcase some magnificently competent arbitration lawyers in Peru, who have set new paradigms in this realm. The following profiles will introduce you to their successful careers and discuss their distinct methods, strategy, and style.

Through this article, we also aim to honor their contributions to their firms and to the dynamic world of law. And if you represent a firm or an individual pursuing a professional relationship with an arbitration lawyer, you might find the partner you seek in these profiles.

You will also find links to the dedicated websites of their firms to help you explore their practices further.

Alfredo Bullard

With a firm named after himself, Bullard Falla Ezcurra+ (, Alfredo Bullard leads the way in the market with his extraordinary knowledge and unrivaled analysis capacity. Appraised for his sophisticated and international approach to law, Alfredo is a star individual in the investment arbitration segment.

Emily Horna

Emily Horna, an associate at Santiváñez Abogados ( demonstrates a solid understanding of arbitration processes in Peru. She has joined the rankings recently, thanks to high praises from her clients.

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Mauricio Raffo

The head of the arbitration department at Miranda & Amado Abogados (, Mauricio Raffo, is revered for his strong strategies for both arbitration and litigation proceedings, making him a well-rounded lawyer remembered for his professional approach.

Nicolás de la Flor

Incumbent at Clifford Chance US LLP (, Nicolás de la Flor, an associate-to-watch, is celebrated for his extensive technical expertise in arbitration affairs. Known as a meticulous and detail-oriented expert, Nicolás ensures not a speck of disagreement goes unnoticed or unresolved.

María del Carmen Tovar Gil

María del Carmen Tovar Gil, a market-leading partner at Estudio Echecopar – Member Firm of Baker McKenzie International (, is well-recognized for her expertise in international investment arbitration and her ability to understand complex issues with a quick, decisive acumen.

Ana María Arrarte Arisnabarreta

Highly regarded for her leadership in arbitration, Ana María Arrarte Arisnabarreta, partner at Estudio Echecopar, is appreciated for her vast knowledge of arbitration law and her wide-ranging service, making her one of the best crusaders in Peru’s arbitration arena.

Ramiro Portocarrero Lanatta

Revered for his litigation and arbitration savoir-faire, Ramiro Portocarrero Lanatta, a partner at Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría(, is celebrated for his great tactical mind and magnetic articulation, particularly in dealing with contentious matters.

Italo Carrano

Italo Carrano, a dynamic partner at Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados (, has steadily climbed the ladder due to his understanding and sophistication in arbitration matters. Known for his holistic vision of the market, he stands as an extraordinary professional today.

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Sebastián Basombrío

Sebastián Basombrío, an upcoming practitioner at Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uría, is paid tribute for exemplary conduct under pressure. A problem-solver and client-oriented lawyer, Basombrío is distinguishing himself as a trusted legal adviser.

José Daniel Amado

Partner at Miranda & Amado Abogados, José Daniel Amado is recognized for his esteemed practice in Peru’s arbitration sphere due to his excellent negotiation skills and problem-solving knack. A well-known player, Amado continues to empower his reputation with his profound knowledge of the field.

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